What’s For Dinner, Pudding? – Weaning, again!

Morning! Somehow, our Lil Pudding turned 6 months old this weekend and we’re srill trying to figure out where that time went so quickly! She’s sitting up, grabbing at any and everything and showing signs that she will eat us out of house and home! She’s also eating All.The.Food! Because she was showing a very … Continue reading What’s For Dinner, Pudding? – Weaning, again!

Got Milk? – Our Breastfeeding Journey

Afternoon! Lil Pudding is 10 days old and we’ve been busy parenting hard during that time. Night feeds, nappy changes, and fumbling with those annoying snaps on babygrows in the dark, and of course, establishing breastfeeding. DISCLAIMER: Before I go any further, let me just preface this post by saying that I truly believe that … Continue reading Got Milk? – Our Breastfeeding Journey