Kidlets Love Kefir!


Good Morning!

It’s been a minute again, hasn’t it? Hope you’re all enjoying a fab summer (although if you live in the UK, summer was 2 days of 30c+ heat at the end of July! 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

We’ve had a busy few months – our hols in Portugal (which was gawjus, btw) and hubs’ 40th Birthday, Lil Dumpling’s 3rd Birthday, my Dad’s 80th Birthday and coming up soon is my MIL’s 70th Birthday – we are pretty much all birthday’ed out!!🥳

Not complaining at all, but all of that goes some way to explaining my radio silence for the past 6 weeks!!

During this busy period however, I did find some time to make the kidlets’ one of the fave treats of all time – Kefir!

The lovely people at Nourish Kefir spotted the babies on the Gram munching on some of their delish Kefir and kindly sent me some of their starter cultures to make some at home!


Starter Cultures from Nourish Kefir

I used a mix of Almond and Coconut Milk to make some Kefir for the kidlets – the method is super easy and the hardest bit is stirring the milk and kefir grains for 10 minutes to help them bind together and then get to work.



All you need is the milk and clean containers to store the Kefir in once churned.

Full instructions and ingredients list can be found inside the delivery box and the recipe was really straight forward and the end result? A massive batch kefir for the kidlets who would bathe in it if it were appropriate!!


The Kidlets loving their Kefir!

The brilliant quality of kefir is that it is completely natural, sustainably sourced and delicious when mixed with about anything – berries, plumbs, bread etc.

I even managed to sneak in a cheeky bowl or 2 when the kidlets were out with Daddy and it was delish with homemade granola!👌🏾 Nourish Kefir lasts for 3-4 days in the fridge.


Yummy Nourish Kefir with homemade Granola

Now I’ve made it at home and know how easy it is to make and store at home, I’ll be making more batches soon – not that I have much choice in the matter as Lil Dumpling and Lil Pudding keep asking for it!!

You can find Nourish Kefir on their website  or on Amazon – also check out their IG @nourishkefir for details on their pop up shops, online ordering and recipe tips!

Have you made your own kefir? How did it turn out? Would you try again ? Let me know in the comments and if you try yourself some Nourish Kefir then let me know how you find it!🍶🥛💜

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