Magnificent Magnets!


We’re still away at the moment, enjoying gawjus Portugal and it’s touristy, offerings via Faro, Lisbon and now on to Porto for the next few days.

Hence another post from me! When you have a 3 hours train journey with free WiFi and plug sockets to charge your iPad then it would be rude not to write a blog, no?

Anywho, as a mum of two under 3, I’m always on the hunt for new and creative play ideas for my babies – anything for a few moments to do the washing, cooking, cleaning, drink a cuppa eh?

Well, a few weeks (read: months!) always I was browsing parent and mummy accounts on the Gram, as I often do and I came across a cool account with play ideas and toys geared towards children. The post was about a wooden train set but linked to the manufacturer’s own account. So after some clicking through I discovered The Creative Toy Shop – and I’m only disappointed that I didn’t find them sooner!!



Creative Play – Magnetic Disks and Wands from The Creative Toy Shop

I managed to limit my first order to two items – some multicoloured disks with magnetic wands and a wooden drum instrument.

The disks were a massive hit for both Lil Dumping and Lil Pudding! The colours of the disks are great for sorting and vocabulary exercises, whilst the magnetic wands are fabulous for ‘cause-and-effect’ play and introducing little ones to magnets.


The disks arrived in a  very handy re-seal bag

Where the kidlets would usually be bored of an activity after 15-20 minutes, they will happily play with and entertain themselves with these disks for a good 30-40 mins which, if you’re a parent, you’ll know is a good amount of time for toddlers attention spans!

Well worth the £20 for the disks and £5 for the wands!

Wooden Rhythm Set from The Creative Toy Shop

Lil Pudding loves noisy toys so it was no surprise when she loved creating a glorious racket with this wooden rhythm set. Both instruments are toddler safe and the wood is durable and strong enough to withstand the wrath and bangs inflicted by a boisterous toddler on a mission to smash everything in sight with it!

Most definitely worth the £9 odd I paid for both!

I’m not sure what I’ll order next from this amazing company but if you do have a browse and like me, end up with a good basket full worth £100’s, my advice would be to try and limit your order to a couple of items at a time, as little ones can only play with so many toys and activities at one time – and The Creative Toy Shop are always adding new toys and items to their already impressive catalogue. They also do monthly subscription boxes – but do beware of customs charges if you spend over £30 because this store is located in Australia and import taxes are just annoying!

Also, let me know if you do order anything and what you think – I’m always open to honest reviews from parents who have actually tried and tested activities and toys with their little ones!


Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with The Creative Toy Shop – we just really loved the items we got from there and wanted to share this with you – because you can never have too many ideas for play in my humble opinion! 😊


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