Level Up Their Cup! – Sila Sip Lids


It’s been a minute! My last post was about Mother’s Day, 3 weeks after Mother’s Day 👀🤦🏽‍♀️

I never thought I’d be that mum who’d use their kidlets or ‘mum brain’ as an excuse for my own inadequacy but, alas, I am and I will🤷🏾‍♀️

I’m only getting to write this post 3 months after I wanted to because I’m 30,000ft in the air on the way to Faro for the next 2hrs whilst the kidlets are back on the ground at home with their grandparents!

I can’t lie – some days I feel like I am winning at life, motherhood and others I feel like Anthony Joshua must feel RN following the (insert) fight 👀🤦🏽‍♀️

I take the good with the bad and celebrate the wins as and when they come 🥳


Found this amazing product on Instagram just at the right time!

But in all its glorious madness, I am especially grateful for social media and the opportunity to find superb small businesses and their amazing and innovative products which cater for families with young children and give us mums a helping hand!

So when I found SilaSlip on Instagram, I was proper excited because at the time (3 months ago, to be exact👀🙈) we were starting to transition our Lil Dumpling (who will be 3 in 3 weeks’ time – 3 seems to be a common theme here!) from his sippy cup to his ‘big boy’ cup so it was like the universe was helping this anxious mama out! 🙌🏾


The SilaSip Lid fits most standard toddler cups and small glasses too for when you’re eating out
The concept (which was the idea of a very creative mum, obvs!’) is that you place the SilaSlip Lid over your little one’s cup of drink and it allows them to get used to drinking from a normal cup without all the spillage whilst they learn to get used to it 👌🏾

Lil Dumpling loved it – so much so that, where I’d usually struggle to get him to drink enough water during the day, he was practically begging for a drink just so he could use his big boy cup with the SilaSlip Lid! 😱

Lil Dumpling enjoying a drinky drink with his Sila Sip Lid

The pack comes with two lids and a note from its amazing creator. They are silicone, super easy to wash and very flexible so they are suitable for most standard toddler cups. They have pretty much made Lil Dumpling’s level up to big boy cups a smooth one and I’ll definitely be keeping them ready for when my Lil Pudding is ready to level up here drinking game in the not too distant future 🙏🏾

If you have a toddler who’s about to or in the middle of their progression from silly cups to normal lidless cups then I would definitely recommend SilaSlip lids to help make that progression more easier and quicker for both you and little one 👌🏾

P.S. this is not a paid #ad but I do love SilasSlips and the flexibility they have afforded us and want to share the love!💜

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