2000 and LATE! Mother’s Day Lunch


Mother’s Day was 31st March here in the U.K. but here I am blogging about the delicious lunch I had 15 days later!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣


Ah, such is  #mumlife eh! I barely have time to pee let alone blog these days but I’m currently on my lunch break at work and I’ve eaten all my food so this is distracting me from the vending machine!!


Lil Dumpling enjoying the gift he got me 🤣 

My Mother’s Day was gloriously simple and low key just how I like it – breakfast made by the babies aka hubs, a gawjus  gift and card from the babies aka hubs (he knows I’m not on the whole flowers flex at all!!) a lovely Mothers Day service at our church and concluded with a delicious lunch at the Butt & Oyster  in Suffolk – my faaaaaave part of the day! 🙋🏽‍♀️

My faaaave pub lunch – Fish & Chips and a decadent warm homemade Brownie for desert 😋

Being Mothers Day it was naturally going to be heaving but hubs cleverly booked us a table for 3:30pm after these lunch rush and we were practically one of 3 or 4 tables there by the time our food came!

The service was very kind and attentive – the server brought us high chair for Lil Pudding and made sure her and Lil Dumpling’s lunch was the right temperature before serving.

Pin Mill is a gawjus little quaint village just outside Ipswich with views of the River Orwell and various boats right outside the pub.


Hubs enjoyed his beef roast dinner and also had a brownie for desert.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal here and would definitely come back!!

I hope all my beautiful mummy/auntie/Nana followers had a fabulous Mother’s Day too! (Even if you can’t remember it now it’s so long ago! 🙈🤣)

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