Happy 1st Bornday, Lil Pudding! (Birth Story)

‘Those aren’t Braxton Hicks, Kerry. You’re in labour!’

I’ll never forget my mum saying those words to me as I sat scoffing her toad-in-a-hole on that Saturday evening, 12 months ago.

Let’s go back a bit.

Hubs and I along with our Lil Dumpling had moved to Ipswich from London 4 weeks prior, to live with my parents whilst the purchase and subsequent renovations to our new home were being done. 

It was Saturday 10th February 2018 and was 39 weeks +6days preggo with Lil Pudding. Due date was the following day but I didn’t think she’d be arriving anytime soon as Lil Dumpling was 10 days late!

Our day went as it usually did – woke up, had breakie, got dressed, played with Lil Dumpling and then put him down for a nap after lunch.

Hubs had the urge to start ‘nesting’ in our room – tidying, sorting and putting the Moses Basket up ready for Lil Pud. I didn’t think anything of it as I thought he was just being organised. I sat on the bed watching and chatting to him as he was going in and clearing everything out (didn’t help much, obvs 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣) then I felt a ‘twinge’ – enough to make me think ‘hmmm…what’s that?’ But not enough to make me grab my readily packed hospital bag…


After he’d finished nesting, hubs went to the rubbish dump and I went back downstairs to find Moma in the kitchen making her lush toad-in-the-hole…I felt another twinge and this time it was enough for me to grimace slightly, but again not enough to call hubs back from the dump…

For the next few hours, I felt twinges roughly once every 45 mins…until it was time to eat dinner – which was about 5:30pm. Hubs ate with Dad in the dining room whilst watching the footy and I was in the living room with mum. In came another twinge and this time it stopped me mid-chomp. It was then that Moma said ‘Those aren’t Braxton Hicks, Kerry. You’re in labour!’


Still not convinced, I stuffed down the rest of my food (never waste Moma’s food, ever!) watched bedtime hour with Lil Dumpling and after putting him to bed, I stayed upstairs to lie down. 

A few moments later, somebody legit turned a screw in my stomach. Or it was a contraction – whichever it was it f*%king hurt!!! Hubs came upstairs to check on me and from then, about 8pm, we both agreed that this was actual labour and whatever little sleep we’d clawed back from Lil Dumpling, we were soon to leave us very soon! 👀😴


Ted 2 was on the telly and I was using an app on my iPad to count the contractions, which at this stage were one every 12 mins. An hour later, they were one every 8 mins.

It got to around 10pm and I was having 3 contractions every 10 mins…and each one got more muhfuggin intense!

Then, just before another one came, I stood up and legit felt like Lil Pud was gonna fall out of my body in my parents spare bedroom – it was around midnight at this point and we all decided it was time hubs took Pud and I to the hospital to avoid my mum having a real clean up op on the carpet 🙈


We arrived at Ipswich hospital just before 1am and there was so much pressure from Lil Pud at that point that hubs had to wheel me to the triage in a wheelchair!

We arrived and were taken to the Deben Delivery Ward and introduced to a lovely midwife called Danielle, who after examining me and establishing that I was 9cm dilated asked me whether I needed pain relief. Not wanting to be a martyr, I asked her for gas and air. 

Gas and Air
Gas and Air

Danielle came back 5 mins later without gas and air as there were no cylinders readily available at that point – but turns out that Lil Pudding was so keen to join the party on her due date that I didn’t even get the chance to have any pain relief – my waters broke a few minutes later and after 4 or 5 pushes (no screaming mind – I’m no screamer!) at 01:23am on 11 February 2018, Naomi Jasmine’s life Earthside, began 💖

Danielle handed our beautiful Lil Pudding to me and she immediately rooted around on me to nurse – and she hasn’t stopped eating since! 🤣


Since then, life has been a lot busier, tiring and sometimes hard AF raising two babies born within 20 months of each other, but a lot more fulfilling, fun and blessed. 

Naomi Jasmine, you completed our little family that day and you continue to fill our hearts with love, snuggles and happiness. May your beautiful life continue to be blessed abundantly. 

Happy Bornday, Lil Pudding! 🎂💖

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