Transform :20 Tuesday – Pilot Test Group Review


I’m excited for a couple of reasons: 1) that we finally get to share what we’ve been working on with Shaun T in the Pilot Test Group for his new program Tranform :20! 😆  and 2) I can now say that I’m one of the first few people who got to test and complete Transform :20, as part of the Pilot Test Group and share my results with you, months before it’s due to be released!!


When I started this not-so-secret project 6 weeks ago, I was a little frustrated with my post-partum fitness progress.

At 7 months p-p, I still had some niggling doubts as to whether I could really and truly get my fitness level back to what it was before I had my babies – which is my ultimate goal…I knew I’d work hard to achieve it but, I wasn’t sure if it was really possible after having two babies in 2 years.

☝🏾My ‘Before’ photos – taken on 23rd September 2018 – 7 months post partum ☝🏾

I had done several other programs and completed them prior to this one, but deep down I knew that only a Shaun T workout would leave me sweating buckets and having my first experience in the Pilot Test Group!

Transform :20 has dispelled all doubts – in 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week, I have progressed further than I ever thought possible and I’m starting to feel like my old fit self again!


This program goes beyond the physical transformation.

Shaun T taps into that mental strength and gives you the tools you need to not only complete these 6 weeks of 20 minute workouts but to also work on strengthening your mindset – once you master that, you can do all things!!

Transform :20 teaches you how to get your mind right, so the results you achieve are sustainable as you pass the baton to the next, more improved version of you! No more yo-yo dieting!!

☝🏾My ‘After’ photos 6 weeks later, on 4th November 2018 – 8 months, almost 9 post partum .☝🏾


In just 6 weeks, 20 minutes a day, I am down 11lbs and 18 inches all over (-2 inches on each measurement!!).

My clothes fit better, I feel stronger and more confident in my own body and I have dealt with the niggling self-doubt I had before starting this program – I now KNOW that I can do hard things! My mind conquers my body rather than the other way around!


This program is gonna help so many people and change so many lives…dispel so many myths and mental barriers…people who think they can’t do something because of their size, fitness level or lack of confidence…mums who think they can’t workout or keep fit due to lack of time…busy workers who can’t get to the gym for an hour a day…these 20 minutes and this Step is gonna change all of that for so many people and I can’t wait to share it with you!


The program goes on sale in early December and launches in January 2019n If you’re not a coach or already working with one and want to access our Transform :20 Sneak Peek Info group for all the info on this incredible program ready to do with us in January when it launches, message me or email me at and I’ll add you!


Its time to Rise Up and Transform Your Life!!🙌🏾

2 thoughts on “Transform :20 Tuesday – Pilot Test Group Review

  1. Hi, thanks for the review, how does transform 20 compare to insanity max 30? i mean does it bring your heart rate massively up just like IM30, is it easy on the knees? joints? …..(i know there’s always a modifier but i like to do the original steps). I am not a US resident, will i be able to purchase the program? i can manage to buy a step to complete the required workouts. Thank you


    1. Hi Savel

      Transform :20 is more intense than Insanity Max:30 as the Step adds another dynamic to the workouts plus it’s only 20 mins – no breaks whatsoever!

      But the results are amazing and I’m now doing round 3 with my challenge group!

      You can buy the program if you’re in the U.K. or Canada 👌🏾


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