Irresponsible Date – Kevin Hart at the O2


It’s officially Autumn 2018. I can remember writing my Happy New Year post. Time really does go faster when you’re older(er) doesn’t it?

We kicked off our 9th month of the year with a date day out and trip to London, sans kidlets (freedom!) to see Kevin Hart’s Irresponsible Tour at the O2.

Braving a Jumpsuit for the Irresponsible Tour
We’d seen him perform live once before in 2016 on his Let Me Explain show and since that was hilarious we thought we’d give him another shot.

When I told some friends I was going, their first reaction was ‘omg why? He cheated on his pregnant wife!’

Ok. First of all, what does that have to do with me? And secondly, who are you (we) to judge what another person does in their private life like that?

Yes, cheating (or any form of abuse/disrespect of marriage vows or another person) is wrong but, unlike some celebrities, Kevin came out and owned what he did and publicly apologised to his wife.

Even more so, his wife has forgiven him, so who am I to hold a grudge against him when she didn’t?

People make mistakes. People mess up. If you haven’t, then good for you for being so perfect (but I doubt it!)

Anywho, lets move on to more positive info about our date!

Our delicious munch at Wagamama, O2
After a delicious munch at Wagamama, we headed into the arena to take our (pretty good 😉) seats. The stage was in the centre for this tour and the big screens directly above it. This was much better staging than the standard ‘front’ stage where there are crappy vantage points in the area. This way, everyone got to see the show clearly.

As usual, Kevin’s Plastic Cup Boys warmed up the crowd with 10 minute sets each. If I could remember their individual names I would cite them but then, I didn’t go to see them so 🤷🏾‍♀️They are defo worth a watch tho, so if you’re going to see it then make sure you’re on your seat by 8pm!

At around 8:30 Kevin took the stage in a big cloud of smoke and right off the back, the jokes came at us. In his usual format, he told a story, based on the events of the past year of his life (including his infidelity, or f**k up as he called it) and having his now 9 month old son.

Hubs and I cracking up at the short guy who brought his 9 month old Baby Kenzo
If you’re already a Kevin Hart fan, you would love this show. If you’re new, you would love this show. If you’re not a fan, but have a sense of humour, you’ll probably love this show. Kevin is successful because he’s likeable and down to earth. He’s relatable. And that’s what makes him funny AF, in my humble opinion.

I won’t mention any of the jokes as I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it yet but, what I would say is, whatever you do – DON’T TAKE OUT YOUR PHONE DURING THE SHOW! They had phone and camera security ejecting peeps left right and centre for trying to video during the show despite multiple warnings. You can take pics and video when the show is finished, right at the end when Kevin says you can. Fair enough I’d say, because who’s gonna pay to watch a show they can see on YouTube???

Turns out they were filming a movie on the night we went so if you get the DVD when it comes out, look out for yours truly in block 106 Row AA 🙋🏽‍♀️😃

Kevin Hart, take a bow! 🙌🏾

Have you or are you going to watch the show? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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