What’s For Dinner, Pudding? – Weaning, again!


Somehow, our Lil Pudding turned 6 months old this weekend and we’re srill trying to figure out where that time went so quickly!

She’s sitting up, grabbing at any and everything and showing signs that she will eat us out of house and home!

She’s also eating All.The.Food! Because she was showing a very keen interest in food, hand to mouth and could sit up from just over 5 months old, I decided to start Weaning a few weeks early. In the U.K., the guidelines state Weaning should start from 6 months but in reality 1. Babies can show signs of wanting to eat anywhere between 6-7 months and 2) these are only guidelines and I take them as such!!


Lil Pud enjoying some cucumber 

As with Lil Dumpling, who started weaning just before he was 6 months old, I started off with pure veggies in purée form – peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash etc, before moving on to fruits and mixed combos of fruit and veg. The only veg she doesn’t fancy so far is broccoli but banana seems to be her fave fruit!


The Small Human Co Reuseable Pouches 

I made 95% of Dumpling’s first foods myself but already with Pudding I’m finding myself hovering in the baby food aisle like a crack fiend who hasn’t had crack for a couple weeks!

I learned quickly that making the food yourself isn’t as feasible as one would like with two little ones,  because I simply just don’t have the time to do that when I could spend it playing with these kidlets or doing stuff around the house!


Ella’s Lit AF Kitchen – a godsend👌🏾

Queue Ella’s Kitchen! Having received a free weaning wall chart for Pud through the post, I put it up on the fridge as an easy reminder of the key stages of weaning and stocked up on some veg and fruit pouches. They are all organic and free from any nasties plus they taste homemade!


In all honesty, I wouldn’t use any other shop bought brand when it comes to weaning other than Ella’s Kitchen because it’s organic and only contains the ingredients on the front of the packet.

So far, we’ve been mixing it up between purée and whole foods and Lil Pud doesn’t seem to have a preference – she scoffs down everything I offer her!

This is a blessing because weaning can be a minefield especially if baby is particularly fussy. But, the most important thing to remember is to keep calm, follow baby’s ques (if she’s full she’ll stop opening her mouth but if she’s hungry she’ll shout at me!!) take one meal, one day at a time and don’t stress if you have to use pouches bought from the shop – we rarely have time to shower let alone make homemade baby food and that’s why companies make a fortune from making them for us!!

Are you on a weaning journey with your little one? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

P.S. this isn’t an ad post – we just really like Ella’s Kitchen and want you to know this! 😄

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