Fits Like A (Gummee) Glove!


Lil Pudding is now 16 weeks old – where did that time go please?

Between getting over colic, longer stints of sleep, growth spurts, beaming smiles and reflux, Pud is thriving wonderfully. We took her to get weighed today and she’s a lil chunky chunk at just over 14lbs!

But but but…with all that also comes the dreaded ‘T’ word – Teething 🤦🏽‍♀️FML I must have blocked out how wretched teething was with Lil Dumpling, because I do not remember him being this grumpy when he cut his first teeth (he teethed in twos).


Silicone Teething Tools from Gummee 

We went with the popular fave Sophie La Giraffe for Lil Dumpling. But we found that he didn’t really get on with it as a teether and just used it to bash things or as a regular toy 🤷🏾‍♀️

That’s why I’m soooo glad I invested in this amazing set of teethers from Gummee, a small family-run business I stumbled accross on Instagram during a 3am night-feed! Their trademark is the Gummee Glove – literally a glove which fits on to baby’s hand, fully equipped with silicone teethers, one of which is interchangeable with others from their full set.


Lil Pudding making good use of her Gummee Glove

The reasoning behind this wonderful product is that Babies can chomp away happily on their teethers without the risk of them falling out of their hands or on to the floor and mummy/daddy having to constantly run to a steriliser before baby kicks off because they dropped the teether or it fell on the floor 😫

Lil Pud tested hers out this week and I can  honestly say it is one of the best things I have bought since becoming a parent – she loves it and it keeps her occupied and pacified for ages – a good 30 mins before she gets annoyed with teething soreness or bored. Sophie only kept Dumpling amused for about 5 mins!

As well as the glove itself, which comes with one heart shaped teether (various colours available), I also bought Pud the full set of teethers which can be swapped around and used with the glove or on their own or linked together. They’re easy to sterilise and the glove is machine washable.

Seeing how much Pud loves hers, I cannot recommend this product enough – and it’s a bargain at only £10.99!

If you get one and try it with your little bub, let me know in the comments how you/they get on with it- I’m always keen to find out how other babies react to products I’ve used with my little ones!

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored by or affiliated in any way with Gummee – we just really love the product and want to share it with fellow mummies and daddies because we’re nice like that! ☺️

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