First Aid? Nope – Tummy Time!


Our Lil Pudding is 3 months old! We have officially past the Newborn 4th trimester stage and now it’s time for more fun, alertness and everything else that comes with a 3-6 month old baby.

Unlike Lil Dumpling, her older brother, Pud loves to sleep – she’s been doing up to 7 hour stints at night, only waking at around 3-4 am for a feed then back to sleep until 6:30. I’m working on getting her to sleep a little later but this is much better than every 2 hours like her brother did!! 😫

Another difference between them is whilst Dumpling wasn’t interested in tummy time (read: he despised it!) Pudding will happily lay on her tummy provided she’s entertained. We’ve worked up from 1-2 minutes when she was a few weeks old to around 6-7 minutes at a time.



The most random but effective playtime accessory I’ve used to encourage this is a foil blanket.

It’s super reflective and noisy to the touch which is perfect for baby sensory play.


Pudding showing off her head control skills on her foil blanket

The noisy and shiny blanket distracts Pudding  from the fact that she’s on their tummy for longer.

I got this one from Amazon for under £3 and it’s huge enough to fit a few babies on it for playtime. Light up LED balls are a huge favourite with the blanket as are bubbles.

If you have a little one who seems to hate tummy time, try using one of these blankets next time you want to play with baby on their tummy. I wouldn’t be without one now and they’re hugely effective without being expensive!


NB: this is not a sponsored post a – I just really find this foil blanket super useful 😉👌🏾


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