Ladies Who Brunch, Yeah? – The Brentwood Kitchen


I’m currently on Maternity Leave with my second bub, Lil Pudding so I rarely know what day of the week it is.

But, I ALWAYS know when it’s the weekend as the general vibes amongst the public tends to lift around Friday afternoon.

This past weekend, I had the honour of spending Sunday afternoon with one of my dear friends and her lovely group of friends and family for her ‘Hen Brunch’ at The Brentwood Kitchen in Essex.

Rockin the Hen Sash for the Hen!

Being from Suffolk and having lived in London for the past 6 years, I had never heard of TBK until the invite for my friend’s Hen (Batchelorette) Brunch arrived. So what does one do when one wants to find out more about an establishment? GTS (Google That Sh*t) of course!

Trusty Google revealed that 1) TBK hasn’t quite yet finished its website 2) this spot is a big fave of the local TOWIE (GTS!) crew and 3) TBK does the best eggs!

TBK Eggs Benedict with Bacon & Mushroom

Whilst 1) didn’t bother me in the slightest, I was intrigued by 2) and 3) because both meant that the food, service and atmosphere at this Essex eaterie had to be quality…and I wasn’t disappointed!

The decor is subtle and quaint with a touch of Essex glamour in the form of a large shelf stacked full of champagne and pink wine with fairy lights for extra touch.

There were around 20-25 of us with a 12-2pm slot for our Brunch (a private party for none other than an ex-TOWIE cast member followed us at 2pm!) but despite that, the staff were very prompt with taking our orders and serving our drinks.

Our food then arrived 15 minutes later, which I thought was superb, giving the large number of us the fact they had other customers to attend.

At no stage did I feel rushed by the staff and my food was piping hot considering part of it was poached egg! I enjoyed their famous Eggs Benedict was £10.50. I saw quite a few of the other ladies order vegetarian full English as well as smoked salmon dishes which were around the £12 mark. The plates were large and full with generous portions.

Even as our Brunch came to an end, we’re allowed to pay and leave at our own pace rather than at theirs.

I knew this place had to be decent for my friend to go there repeatedly but if I am totally honest, their staff, food and atmosphere were second to none.

So, if you’re ever in Essex yeah and you fancy a brunch, I would definitely recommend The Essex Kitchen. Just make sure you park up off site as the parking outside the store is reserved for staff 😉

Have you visited The Brentwood Kitchen? Let me know what you thought and your experience there! 👇🏾👌🏾


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