Brownies for Breakfast?


First, let me start by telling you how chuffed I am right now and why!

The Health Visitor popped by this afternoon to check up on Lil Pudding, who is now 3.5 weeks old and also to check up on me, which I was surprised at as the HV’s in London forgot all about me after a week! Anywho, she weighed Lil Pudding who was a whopping 9.9lbs! Considering her birth weight was 7.4lbs, I was stunned by her gains and felt kinda proud of my boobs which have provided the milk to sustain this epic growth spurt! Yaay for boob milk!

Speaking of boob milk, this revelation made me glad for all the effort I’m putting in to my diet in order to help increase and maintain my milk supply. Lil Pudding is greedy and feeds A LOT so I’ve been busy these last few weeks incorporating various foods and supplements into my diet to make sure she is kept well nourished.

Mothers Love Cookies – Lactation Brownies

One of the many foods I’ve been eating are these delicious and devilishly moorish Lactation Brownies by Mothers Love Cookies, a British based company specialising in sweet treats made with ingredients which boost milk supply for breastfeeding mums.

A friend of mine had posted about their cookies on instagram a few weeks back and although I was still pregnant at the time, I made a mental note to put in an order once Lil Pud had arrived.

My box of brownies arrived this week and I barely let the postman leave before I tore into the packaging – 1) because I was Marvin at the time (breastfeeding makes you hungry!) and 2) I knew what they were due to the lovely labels and packaging they arrived in.

There were 10 individually packaged and perfectly sized Chocolate Lactation Brownies inside – all made with Oats, Brewers Yeast and Flaxseed (among other ingredients, which are three milk supply boosting foods.


Oh My Choc! Deliciousness 😍

Once I took a bite of one, straight after my breakfast no less, it was game over! I was already planning my next order and I just had to thank both my friend and the creator of these bite sized milk boosting treats for bringing them into my life! They are soooooo yummy, with the right amount of chocolate, fudge and hazelnuts on top.

Before I ate the entire pack and risked both a chocolate coma and leaky boobs, I froze half of the batch (they keep for a couple of weeks in the freezer) and decided to limit myself to one brownie a day for the other 4. I have 2 left as I write, soon to be 1!

And before you ask, I’m pretty sure they’ve already started to work on boosting my supply as my Lil Pud is getting a lot more milk from her feeds this week – so much so that I’ll have to start pumping the extra milk and storing it, so these brownies have definitely worked for me.

You can find these brownies on Mothers Love Cookies Etsy website – the delivery was quick and efficient; despite the recent snow storms my delivery arrived 4 days after ordering.

The hardest task I have now is to decide what to order next and how not to eat it all in one sitting…I need an intervention!! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

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