Long Live the NHS!


We’ve bee a little busy this week! Our Lil Pudding decided to arrive in the early hours of Sunday morning, bang on her Due Date! I barely had time to take a ’40 week’ Bumpie when my contractions started. By the time I reached the hospital, after only 5 hours of active labour, we only had to wait a further 22 minutes before we got to meet her!

Anywho…that’s a (Birth) story for another day. What I actually wanted to talk (or type) about today is the superb level of care we received from the amazing NHS staff at The Ipswich Hospital, especially in light of all the recent bullshit comments made by the very orange and obnoxious 45th President of the USA.

We often hear of the negative experiences of our NHS and rarely of the positive and so I would like to shed what little light I can on the Maternity Unit here in Ipswich.


From the moment we arrived at the hospital on Sunday 11 February, just before 1am in the morning, having telephoned ahead to let them staff know we were coming, we were greeted with a very cheery and kind receptionist who gave us the directions to the Deben Ward, where the delivery suite is located.

When hubs and I arrived, I was in the very late stages of active labour so we were both very anxious and worried about the safe arrival of our baby girl. But we were then greeted by the delivery midwife, Danielle, a gentle and softly spoken lady whose demeanour relaxed and reassured us immediately.

Danielle was calm and gave me guidance on how to relax and breathe through my final contractions. She guided me through the birth gently and smoothly and made sure hubs was included by offering the cord to cut and allowing him time to take pictures of Lil Pudding on the scale once she was weighed. To top off her kindness, she even brought me tea and toast whilst I bonded with our girl skin to skin and prepared the shower and warm towels for me to have a shower afterwards. She was basically an amazing midwife who clearly cared dearly about her job and her patients.


Even when transferred to the post-natal Orwell Ward, the midwives and nurses there were extremely kind, sweet, attentive and helpful. They encouraged the use of the bed-side buzzer should any of the mums need anything, they checked on every patient at least once every hour. They engaged in conversation about both me, my girl and hub and couldn’t do enough to ensure our comfort and well being until we were discharged the following day.

In all honesty, I actually felt like I was royalty during my time there. The only thing I could fault them for is not discharging us quick enough – a far cry from the horror stories you hear of people being kicked out of hospital beds before their time, due to bed shortages. Or the apparent disregard for patients’ wellbeing or safety.

I’m not saying the NHS isn’t in need of huge improvement in some or even most areas, but we hear of that all the time. hat we don’t hear often enough, is about those positive experiences and just how amazing the NHS staff are, when allowed and left to do their jobs with full staff.

The staff on the Deben and Orwell Wards at the Ipswich Hospital made my second experience of childbirth a beautiful one and something that I can treasure and tell my daughter about in years to come and for that, I will be eternally grateful to them and to the NHS.



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