Dumpling’s Day at the Zoo


It’s still January! This has got to be the longest month of the year…except this year, it feels like January has flown by.

Probably because I’ve been busy packing up our home of 6+ years, moving from London to Suffolk, starting Maternity Leave (again!) trying not to have our Lil Pudding early whilst in the middle of moving and adjusting to being lodgers at my parents house until our house purchase and renovation completes.

Speaking of adjusting, we’ve also been busy trying to find different activities for our Lil Dumpling and us to do as a family. Last week, hubs came across a deal for Colchester Zoo, who were offering 1/2 price entry for the last weekend of January to help beat the blues.

Whilst we didn’t have any blues to beat, we didn’t mind a trip to the Zoo for half price so hubs booked us for a trip this past Sunday and we had a blast!


We set off pretty early in the morning for a Sunday, around 9:30am and arrived just after 10am, having queued to get in since everyone else seemed to want a half price visit too. We didn’t mind it was busy though, as it’s a huge Zoo and Dumpling loves people so it was more fun for him too.

Our first visit was to the sea lions, which was particularly funny as they had Phil Collins playing on a loud speaker in their enclosure! There’s a section underneath their enclosure where you can walk beneath them and watch them swim over your head!


Giant Turtle 🐢 

Next up were monkeys, Chinese pigs and a couple of giant turtles, both of whom looked like they were well and truly fed up with people gawping at them all day! So we gawped at them for a few minutes and took a pic then left them in peace.

After an hour and a half of exploring half of the Zoo, including the Lioness and her Lion hubs, the black bears as well as the worthogs and elephants, we stopped for some lunch at one of the many cafes scattered around the Zoo. Our choice was the wrap cafe, where hubs and Dumpling enjoyed a bbq chicken wrap each (£4.75) and I scoffed a Brioche Hot Dog (also £4.75) both of which were ok for Zoo food, although if we visited again, I’d probably pack our own lunch!

Dumpling Running his Dada ragged

Our day our concluded with a visit to the tiger enclosure, a peek at the Japanese Koi Fish and some gelato just because it was there and I was wanted some (preggo probs) which was delish!

All in all we had a lovely day out and Dumpling was knackered by the end of it, taking a 2 hr nap after we got back home. The Zoo is very accessible for families and buggies, with dedicated buggy parks in almost every ‘zone’ as well as plenty of toilets and baby change facilities.

The normal entry cost is £20 per adult and £10 for over 3’s. If you’re looking for a fun family day out and don’t mind the smell of the monkeys then you’d probably Colchester Zoo as much as we did!

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