37 Weeks Today – Time To Pack THE Bag!


We’ve reached 37 Weeks today!

By ‘we’ I mean myself and our Lil Pudding, who has reached full term. Although, we are not quite due yet!

Having reached this milestone in my second pregnancy, I’m now turning my attention to packing my hospital bag.


Just some of the things I’ve got to fit in my hospital bag!

I’ve already packed Lil Pudding’s bag as the baby bag is always easier – Nappies, clothes, barrier cream and emergency bottles in case we have probs breastfeeding. I hope not but it’s best to be prepared.

Mine however, is a little more tricky because 1) I don’t want to pack too much in case we have to cart it all round the hospital during labour and 2) I can’t remember what I took for my first delivery!

There are some essentials that I most definitely will not be without when I do eventually go in to labour.


TENS Machine

Admittedly, this is probably more for a placebo rather than actual pain relief but, as with my first delivery in 2016, I’m aiming for a natural birth so I’ll try anything to prevent crying out for drugs after the first few contractions!

The TENS doesn’t take away any pain but it soothes and distracts from it. So I will give it a try again this time and see how it goes 🤷🏾‍♀️69742A41-D545-4764-AD39-0D08D8E3563F

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Thank goodness hubs remembered to bring this into the delivery suite last time as it was an absolute godsend! I was overdue by 10 days and during those days I was anxious wanted my Lil Dumpling to arrive before I had to be induced. I took a bath a couple of days before he decided to arrive (in his own time!) and played some soothing music from YouTube.

During labour two days later, hubs played the exact same music through the speaker and it made me relax so much more – he had no idea I’d used it before either! So I’ll definitely be using it again this time.


Yankee Candles

I love these because they last so long and give off a really sutle but glorious scent in the room.

I had candles the last time and together with the soothing music it just made the whole experience a lot more calm and relaxed than what you’d normally see on One Born Every Minute! 🤣

I’m a Libra so senses are a big deal for me – if my surroundings are serene then it will reflect in my mood – candles are a must in my delivery room!483873BF-788D-4B87-8C49-CE86AB932E8F

Arnica Cream

I’m not gonna sugar-coat childbirth. Even the smoothest of natural deliveries will leave you a little bruised in certain areas!

This cream is a must have for helping to treat and soothe any sore areas. It’s also great for preparing for birth if you’re planning on having a vaginal delivery – I won’t go into details but just GTS (Google That Sh*t!). You can get this from any pharmacy, supermarket, Amazon…pretty much anywhere!


Nipple Butter

Breastfeeding was a struggle for my Lil Dumpling and I in the first few days and I found the soreness horrendous!

I would fear each feed as I had to latch my hungry baby and the pain was sooooo immense! Luckily my mum and sister spent some time with us when he was first born and my sis ordered me some of this amazing Nipple Butter by Earth Mama which was sweet relief! You can get it from Amazon.

Thankfully, after my milk came in it got a lot easier and after a week or so I’d completely healed and there was no pain. It was definitely worth sticking it out for those first few days!


Belly Butter

I usually moisturise my skin with a natural Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Almond Oil concoction hubs made but I was given this gawjus Shea Butter based cream for Christmas and I’ve been using it everyday since. It had a delicate and sutle scent and isn’t thick or sticky. I’m going to stick a tub in my hospital bag because it’s lush!


Black Night Dresses

These are a MUST for any hospital bag as far as I’m concerned. Childbirth can be messy and the last thing you want is to be walking around a labour ward with the aftermath visable all over your night clothes! So I’ll be packing at least two of these black maternity Night dresses in my bag, along with a black dressing gown and  black slippers.


Essentials for Baby

Sudocrem is one of those ‘does it all’ creams – barrier cream, skin rashes, cuts or gashes…it really takes care of everything! We have this in industrial quantities in our house and I have small travel sized tubs for my hospital bag. You can get this from just about any supermarket, pharmacy or Amazon.

Another essential going in my bag for baby is the fragrance free coconut oil by Kokoso Baby

We love using this on Lil Dumpling’s skin and in his hair especially because it’s completely organic and natural. Kokoso also have a body and hair wash which is lovely too!

These are just some of the items going in my bag, when I eventually finish packing it!! If any mums out there have any suggestions for the hospital bag or any items you found really helpful please do share!!


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