2018…The Year of Change Pt.1 – Maternity Leave!

Happy New Year!

I still remember when it was 31st December 1999, around 11:30pm and everyone was listening to Prince’s  (RIP) 1999 waiting for the Millennium to ring in. I don’t feel as though 18 years have passed since then!

They do say time waits for no man and since having our Lil Dumpling in 2016, that certainly rings true even more.

So the fact that today was my last day at work before starting Maternity Leave ready for the arrival of our Lil Pudding is crazy! I mean, partially because I only went back to work in July last year after my last Mat Leave!


Last day of work May 2016 vs January 2018!

I do have a couple of weeks Annual Leave first before Mat Leave officially starts at the end of January, but I can’t help thinking that 1) this Leave will be exceptionally different than the first due to already having a toddler to run after and 2) it will pass even more quickly…due to already having a toddler to run after!!


Someone at at work today wished me a ‘good break’, completely ignoring the fact that Maternity Leave is not a break (total opposite in fact)! If I’m completely honest, with full disclosure here, I found going to the office much easier than looking after a newborn or a toddler.

In the office, I can drink hot drinks whilst they’re still hot, eat hot food whilst it’s still hot (and not have to share!) and go to the loo by myself! If I manage one out of these 3 when at home with Lil Dumpling then I’m winning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather be at home with Lil Dumpling than be at work, but it is by no means a break to stay at home with your children. Even my hubs knows and appreciates this.

Since it’s likely that this time will whizz by in a flash, my promise to myself is to enjoy every single day, every single moment of this Mat Leave and not take any of it for granted, because I’m sure I’ll be back in the office before I can say ‘party over, its outta sight!’ 🤷🏾‍♀️


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