1st Blogaversary! A Year in Review

What a year it has been!

I posted my first ever blog a year ago today, almost exactly to the same hour.

Who starts a blog on 30th December, you ask? Me…someone who doesn’t believe in New Years Resolutions (as I explained last year) but would rather take a time-out at the end of each year to review and give thanks for the many blessings, both high and low points included, I have had in the previous 12 months.

Truth be told, there have been very little ‘low’ points this year. One being earlier on this Autumn, in October when my hubs lost his dear Grandad just two days after booking flights to take our Lil Dumpling to meet him. We are a very spiritual family and so we took comfort in knowing that Grandad went peacefully at 90 years of age and left his ever growing and fruitful family with a wonderful legacy, wisdom and the example on how to live a blessed and honourable life. Rest In Perfect Peace, Grandad xx

A Year to be Thankful

If I have any one reflection on this year, its that I have had so many reasons to be thankful.

Lil Dumpling

Celebrating our Lil Dumpling taking his first steps at just 10 months old and his first birthday was one of the main highlights of the year. The sense of achievement both hubs and I felt at getting through 1 year of parenthood with our firstborn and watching him thrive was and still is a beautiful feeling.


Watching his little face light up at Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy when we went to watch In The Night Garden Live this Spring was priceless. I think I enjoyed that more than he did!

Taking him to Barbados in October, to see my homeland and meet my 96 year old Gran Gran, his Great-Gran Gran was most definitely something I am more than thankful for. Watching Gran play with and love on Dumpling in awe was something I will never forget and will treasure those memories forever.


Being the spiritual being that I am, I really do believe that our lives cross paths with people at certain points, at the exact time and in the exact way that it was meant to happen.

That said, 2017 was also the year of ‘OMG, I can’t believe that happened’ when I had the honour of being invited for a day out at Wimbledon with the lovely human that is Shaun Blokker, his hubs Scott and Scott’s parents, Popa (Bill) and Moma (Sue Blokker). I haven’t been amongst a group of such kind, loving, funny, genuine and warm people for a long time and needless to say, that, coupled with watching Venus Williams play on Court No.1 was most definitely a day and a moment that I will never take for granted or forget.

Getting ‘Me’ Back

That sub-title is a little mis-leading and dramatic, as I don’t feel as though I ever lost myself to motherhood, but at the same time, those many months of pregnancy and the subsequent months of nursing, sleepless nights and constant second-guessing can take its toll on even the mightiest of women. But, what I’m really referring to here is the sense of triumph I felt when I was first able to fit (properly) into my pre-pregnancy clothes and see my abs (albeit faintly) again this summer, at 12 months post-partum.


It took me months and months of hard work, commitment and dialled in nutrition to reach that point and I can honestly say that it is one of the few times I have felt well and truly proud of myself.

I am Team Beachbody!

This year was also the year where I stepped completely outside of my comfort zone and decided to launch my own online health & fitness business in October, with Team Beachbody UK.

I’m a solicitor (lawyer for those across the Pond!), so starting and running a business is a huge learning curve for me and I am learning through trials, errors and triumphs each day.

The most rewarding aspect of this, unlike my legal career, is being able to inspire and help people to become the best version of themselves through health, fitness and personal development. I myself have had to inwardly reflect on myself as a person and develop, a journey which I am enjoying thus far and am excited to see where it takes me and my tribe in the coming months.

Lil Pudding is on the way!

In almost the same breath, having only just reached my goal pre-pregnancy weight and shape (the latter, almost!) we found out in Jun, just before Dumpling’s birthday, that we were to become parents for the second time! I remember taking about 8 or 9 pregnancy tests before I would believe it to be true, as hubs and I always said we wanted at least two children and close together in age. But, as I was nursing Dumpling for 9 months (we stopped in March/April) and I didn’t have my first cycle until the end of April, it was slightly shocking to find out that I fell pregnant on that one and only cycle I’d had in almost 19 months!

Needless to say, the joy and thankfulness we feel is beyond description. I cannot wait to meet our Lil Pudding in February and watch Lil Dumpling be an amazing (and lit AF!) older brother 🙂

Looking forward…

Having had such an amazing 2017, I look forward to 2018 with an open and grateful heart. We have so many huge events to look forward to next year…one being the arrival of our Lil Pudding and the other being moving home after 6 years in our first home together.


I’m also excited to see where running my own business takes me and further shapes me as a person and I’m looking forward to helping more people become their best selves through health and fitness.

Most of all, I’m excited to share another year of this journey called life right here. Having started this blog one year ago today, I am truly thankful and glad that I did because it has become a haven of moments memories, experiences that I can and will treasure forever and share with you all.

Thank you for reading my 2cents in 2017 and I hope you will continue on this ride with me through 2018 and beyond!

Happy New Year!

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