Clean Week – a Review


Sometimes, when we’re embarking on a new journey in our lives, we need a bit of support and encouragement from our peers. Health and Fitness is most definitely one of those journeys.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran a 7 Day Challenge Group where a group of ladies completed one of the newest programs from Beachbody on Demand – Clean Week.

This program focuses on people who are beginners to working out and dialed in nutrition and who want to kick start their health and fitness journey  or people who want to get back on track after a glitch or hiatus.

There are 7 Workouts, each 30 minutes long and using only body weight with the exception of two which, involve weights.

There is also a 7 day supply of Beachbody’s Superfood protein supplement, or what I like to call ‘nature in a bag’ – Shakeology (I have recently written a blog about this deliciousness which you’ll find here)

Finally, the creator of Clean Week, Megan Davies, includes a brilliantX easy to follow Meal Guide, packed with simple and delicious clean eating recipes.

Just some of the delicious clean recipes on the Clean Week Program 

The ladies in my group were a mix of those who were embarking on their health and fitness journey and those who were looking to reign themselves in after falling off track.

As the week progressed, ALL of us agreed that the portions and amount of food included in the meal plan was so delicious but ALOT to eat.

Some couldn’t manage to eat all of the food for the day but all of us were more than satisfied without the need for snacking during the day.

The added snack of Shakeology kept the majority of us full well into lunchtime!

The ladies in my group loved the workouts and found them challenging enough without being overbearing and easy to fit within their daily lifestyles since they are only 30 minutes long. Megan Davies is great at breaking down each exercise and going at a steady pace throughout.

Our group used the Beachbody Challenge Tracker App to track workouts, shake and progress as well as measurements throughout the week. This is also the perfect tool for me as their coach to track their progress and provide extra support and encouragement to my ladies.

By the end of the week, over the weekend, the ladies in my group were able to incorporate the Clean Week Program, shake and workouts into their weekends despite having various parties and functions to attend where there would be snacks, treats and alcohol to tempt them. By this time, the habit and momentum of working out, drinking dense nutrition and clean eating was forming.



At the end of the challenge, my ladies got some incredible results! One lost 4.4inches all over and another lost 2.5lbs and 5 inches all over, just in 7 days!

30 minutes a day, simple and clean nutrition, a nutrient dense superfood shake with support and accountability and their own determination and commitment got them these amazing results. Both ladies had tried in the past to lose weight going to the gym or trying different programs but had struggled.

The one thing that was definitely missing from their journey, was the peer support and accountability from fellow challengers. How many gyms call you up to ask you where you are if you don’t show up to workout? How many PTs text you to check whether you’re on track with nutrition or need any extra motivation on those struggle-bus days? None I think the answer is!!

I definitely get better results from any program when I’m part of a challenge group. The comraderie, encouragement and daily banter with fellow Challengers makes it fun to take part and also reminds you that you’re not alone in your journey!

If you’re just starting out on your health and fitness journey or want to get back on track after a ‘detour’, I would definitely reccomend the Clean Week program as a way of getting started. That, together with a challenge group could just be that kick start you need to becoming the best version of yourself!

**My next Challenge Group – 12 Days of Fitmas starts December 13. 12 days, 12 Workouts, each 15-30 minutes long, a free meal plan and online support & Accountability from our group to help you beat the festive bulge! If that sounds like something you’d like to get stuck in to then send me a message to join in!**

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