Chocolate Superfood! – My 1st 30 Days of Shakeology


Just over a month ago, I made a commitment to myself to come out of my comfort zone and start my own health & fitness business as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. For years, I’ve had success using Beachbody programs and I decided that it was time to start paying it forward and help others achieve the results I have had both before, during and after pregnancy.

One thing which we in the UK were missing out on was Beachbody’s Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition – Shakeology. That is, until 19th October 2017 when it became available in the UK for the first time.

I did have the opportunity to try several flavours prior to the UK Launch last month, courtesy of a kind friend who shipped me over some Strawberry, Vegan Chocolate and Cafe Latte Shakeology to try (the latter not available yet over here).

But, I had never drank it consistently, just on and off when I fancied it.


So, as part of my commitment to my new business, I wanted to test out whether this  supposedly nutrient dense shake was really what it was hyped up to be and whether there were any actual benefits to drinking it consistently, everyday for 30 days.


What Is Shakeology? 

Well, I could spend an hour typing out a technical description but really, it’s whatever you want it to be!

Packed full of proteins, fibre (approx 6grams per serving!), antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and over 50 naturally and ethically sourced superfoods, this loaded shake can be used as a meal replacement, a food supplement…snack, ingredient…pretty much anything and anyway you want to ingest it!

I’m currently on day 35, and counting!

So far, I’ve noticed that my energy levels are higher than usual, my snack cravings have reduced and my blood pressure has lowered. Not to mention that I’m now completely regular, if you know what I mean! 💩😆

I went to the midwife for my usual bi-weekly checkup and she noted how I had a ‘lovely, low blood pressure’ which was never too high previously but it has lowered since my last appointment several weeks ago.

I put all these benefits down to Shakeology because that’s the only difference I’ve made in my usual diet.

My favourite flavour is Vegan Chocolate (I don’t get on well with Whey and that’s not in the vegan flavours) and I will usually have it as a shake with Almond Milk, Ice, Half a frozen Banana and Cinnamon for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll put half a scoop in my oats to make a delicious chocolate oat porridge. Other times I’ve had it as a mid-morning snack and I’ve also made energy balls using it.

To add to the internal and physical benefits driking Shakeology has brought me, I’ve also noticed my skin is a lot clearer and my nails are stronger. Not bad for just £4 a day and a lot more than I’d get from a sugary Frappe!

Ive never been one for taking food supplements or drinking shakes as I’ve always found them grainy, gross and result in making me gassy! 😫 Shakeology doesn’t leave me with any of those nasty side effects and I actually look forward to drinking it everyday now!

So, I’m making a commitment to myself and my health to continue drinking this yummy Chocolate Superfood so that I can enjoy the numerous health benefits it has brought me.

Want to know more or get some for yourself? Feel free to comment below, email me at or send me a message and I’ll gladly pay it forward to you, so that you, too, can enjoy chocolate (or strawberry or vanilla) for breakie without any guilt and with all the benefits! 🍫🥛😆👌🏾

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