Dumpling’s First Flight – Pt.2


So we made it to Barbados on Tuesday after an 8h30m flight.

I’m glad and pleasantly surprised to report that our lil Dumpling handled his first flight very, very well!

Our flight was at 11:25am so we had to wake him up at 6am to get ready to leave for the airport – that was probably the biggest struggle of the day if I’m honest. Took a few minutes to wake him but, once he was awake he was his usual cheerful self.

We got to the airport and did the usual bag-drop and once we cleared security and had some breakie, it was time to board. Dumpling was taking a nap by then so he didn’t even realise he was on the plane until it was taxiing.


As we were travelling with an infant, we were allocated the seats in the middle right at the front where the drop down table for infant seats are located. These can’t be used during take off and landing – cabin crew supply you with a seatbelt extension for baby to sit on your lap and attach to your own seatbelt.

Once airborne, the crew then set up the infant seat (or baby cot for under 1’s) and you can either put little one in there or sit them on your lap. We kept him on our laps mostly except for during mealtimes or if we needed to go to the loo!

I’d say we were quite lucky in that Dumpling didn’t mind being in the air or seem to have any issues with the cabin pressure during take off and landing.

But, having said that, I had plenty of things to keep him occupied during the flight after reading loads of mummy blogs about flying with toddlers!


Here’s a few tips from what I learned from our first long-haul flight with our lil fella:

1. Take your own milk/water – don’t rely on cabin crew to supply anything as you’ll have to wait for them to bring it and baby might get agitated if they forget about you!

2. Pack plenty of snacks – you can’t have too many! I mean this!!

3. Take your own food for baby – take enough that you can feed baby at his/her usual meal times during the flight.

4. Pack a tablet loaded up with baby’s fave programs or channels – even if like our little one, they don’t watch much TV, you will NEED something to entertain them during the flight, esp if it’s long haul.

5. Take extra clothes to match the climate you’re flying to…might seem obvious but unless you’ve flown before you probably won’t appreciate this. I only did this because I read about it prior.

6. Don’t worry about routine – there’s nothing routine about flying long haul with a baby – we’ll, not for most of us anyway!!

Now we’ve flown once with Dumpling, I’ll know exactly what to do for the next one – which will be more of a challenge as it’ll be overnight. We’ll see how that goes in a couple of weeks! 😳🙏🏾

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