Dumpling’s First Flight – Pt.1

As you’re reading this, we’re at Gatwick Airport, embarking on our first ever Holiday as a family, with Dumpling! (Unless you count the time he came with us to Prague last year in my belly, but don’t think that counts to be honest!)

Both hubs and I are both nervous about how Dumpling is going to deal with the almost 9 hour flight to Barbados, considering the furthest we’ve taken him is 70 miles down the road to Ipswich and Rye. Not quite the same!

Although Dumpling is, generally speaking, an ‘easy’ baby, meaning he is easy to take out and about, still naps for 3 hours a day and eats pretty much anything as long as it’s loaded with carbs, flying is a whole different animal for Babies/Toddlers.

Were takin him to Bimshire to meet my last surviving grandparent – my Gran Gran and to also visit his maternal ‘home’. He’ll be visiting his paternal ‘home’, Ghana, in 2018 so he’ll be well travelled by the time he’s 2 years old!

To prepare for this trip, I’ve made list upon list and bought supplies upon supplies because I just don’t know what to take – if in doubt, take everything I guess??

One thing I’m happy about is that I just found out that BA supply a baby or toddler ‘flight cot’ for families with infants so they’re not stuck on their parents laps for the duration of the flight. I also noted that you can pack milk and baby food to take on the flight which isn’t prohibited or restricted under the 100ml rule. This makes life easier.

Anywho…I’ll be back once we’ve arrived in Barbados to report back on how the flight went. Until then, wish us luck and a safe journey – and maybe a prayer that Dumpling will sleep for at least 4 of the 8+ hours! 😲🙏🏾

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