Sugar Free – 7 Day Challenge

Morning all!

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve been consuming waaaaay too much sugar in my diet. From the odd visit to Aunty Anne’s which was becoming a weekly habit to constantly adding Stevia to my morning brew, I noticed a change in both my body and the way I feel – weight gain, less energy and poor skin condition.

So, I decided to start a 7 day No Sugar Challenge, which started today.

The idea is that we work on reducing and eliminating refined, processed and we artificial sugars from our diets and integrate healthier food choices and ingredients without denying our sweet tooth.


With it being a Bank Holiday and the sun shining, our Facebook challenge group is ready and motivated to give these 7 days everything we’ve got!

I find that the worst times for sugar cravings and consumption is Brekafast and Snacks; those times where we are hungry but having little time, we reach for th the quick and easy option. Usually the quick and easy options are full of processed sugars, like cereals, cereal bars, chocolate or sugary tea/coffee.

I started off this morning with a protein packed breakfast of Tomato & Spinach Omlette with Avocado and Hot Lemon Water, which will keep me full until lunch to fight off those mid morning sugar cravings.


If so get peckish in between meals, I’ll go for my favourite snack of Greek Yoghurt with Walnuts and Honey or Maple Syrup and that will keep me full until the next meal without loaded up on sugar.


For a sweet treat after dinner, instead of a cake or a piece of chocolate, I’ll go for homemade fro-yo or a fruit smoothie to avoid those refined sugars and up my fruit intake for the day.


My aim for the next 7 days is to get myself back on track in dailing in my nutrition and eliminating excess sugars.

I’ll report back at the end of the challenge to let you know how we all got on. Wish us luck! ☺️🙏🏾

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