Dinner On The 33rd Floor

Evening all!

Last Thursday, the hubs treated me to a lovely meal at Hutong in The Shard. We’ve always wanted to go to one of the restaurants there and so the opportunity arose whilst Dumpling was staying in Suffolk with Nanny & Grandad. Gotta make the most of child- free nights!!

Our table was booked for 6pm and we arrived a short while before. On arrival, we went up to the 33rd Floor of The Shard in a leather clad lift – ears popped and stomach churned as we went up and up and up!


Hutong on the 33rd Floor of The Shard

At the entrance we were greeted with  erg smart staff and I handed over my coat in return for a credit card like ‘tag’ to collect later.

We were told to go to the bar to order a drink while our table was prepared. Now, everyone wants that window table but they are issued on a first-come first served basis.

After about what seemed like 5 minutes, we were told our table was ready and we were delighted to see it was a window table – hoorah!


Our table had stunning panoramic views of the City – let’s be honest, you’re paying for the view and venue more than the food here!

After what felt like an hour of perusing the menu (I was MARVIN!) we ordered at around 6.20 – we decided on the A La Carte menu so we could try a few different dishes but not overdo it.


Prawn Rolls & Pork Won Tons 

We went for the prawn rolls and pork won tons for starters. The won tons were tasty but those prawn rolls were LIFE! Crispy, light, full of prawns (which I’m not even keen on) and tasty AF! We devoured them in about 5 seconds. I let hubs have more won tons though!

The ambience was perfect – delicate music and background chit chatter from the bar were light enough so we could talk without having to strain to hear each other or shout.

Next up were the main courses – now usually in these types of establishment, toure given those ‘where’s the rest of it?!?!’ portions. You know, where you’ve got more white on the plate than food!

Not in here! Oh no, the portions were a MADNESS!


Kung Poa Chicken and 24 hr Braised Pork Ribs with Noodles and Rice 

There was SO MUCH FOOD! The Rice and Noodles were fresh. The Ribs fell off the bone and were tastyyyyyy!

But…that Kung Pao chicken – my word. I have never tasted chicken like that in all of life. It was DI-VINE! What’s even better is that it was a menu swap – our waiter could tell that I wasn’t feeling much on the menu but really didn’t want to make a wrong choice, so he suggested I swap out the prawns in the Kung Pao for chicken – BEST DECISION! It was so good!

Top Nosh: Kung Pao Chicken and Pork Ribs 

Half way through we were stuffed! We were even struggling to finish the chicken and ribs. Hubs gave up and left a rib – you know I wasn’t about to allow that. I took one for the team and ate the last one!

Hubs was too stuffed for dessert but I’m no time waster – I went straight in and ordered a Chocolate Tart with a Mango Sorbet.


Hutong Chocolate Tart – lush! 

It tastes as good as it looked – light, fluffy, crunch pastry and a not-too-rich chocolate filling, offset by the sorbet. Beautifully presented and just the right portion after epic main courses.

Our waiter came to clear the table when hubs asked for the bill, kindly adding that ‘she’s finally full so we can go now’ 🙄

Even the bill was beautifully presented in a red wooden box with Chinese style paintings on it. Since hubs was so smart I let him crack on with that 🤣

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Hutong and would definitely recommend this restaurant if you fancy a tasty treat – perfect for a romantic dinner for two or a birthday/anniversary  treat.

You can book a table from 6pm onwards online via the website.


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