N(ice) Cream for Nice Weather

Evening all!

First off, what happened to our summer? This time last week I was putting ice cubes in tuppaware and leaving it underneath my Dumpling’s cot to cool him down. Today, I’m layering him up in a sleepsuit and vest with a quilt! Typical British weather!

Well, whilst we all ponder why all of a sudden its so cold that our coconut oil has returned to a solid state again, I thought I’d share this lovely Banana Choc Chip ‘Nice’ Cream recipe, just in case the sun decides to get over itself and come out again!

Ice Cream is one of my favourite foods in the summer, but I can’t justify eating a whole tub of Haagen Daas everyday just because it’s hot. I can however, justify stuffing myself with a bowl of ‘nice cream’ 😃

This homemade Banana and Chocolate ‘nice cream’ is dairy free, refined sugar free and only takes 5 minutes to make…just need to be patient whilst it sets before you gorge!

2 Frozen Bananas
1 cup Almond Milk
1/2 cup Raw Cacao Powder
Organic Dark Cocoa Nibs (optional but yummy)

Blend all of the ingredients in a food processor and pour into a container. If you prefer the cocoa nibs on top, leave them out.

Place in the freezer to set until solid but not rock hard.

Grab a bowl and a spoon and some more cocoa nibs. Scoop as much as you like into a bowl and top with the nibs then scoff until you are sufficiently cooler – or if its a day like today, put on your fleece dressing gown, central heating and enjoy! 🙂


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