The Real Super Heroes

I was/am blessed with a father who went without, just so that his family could have. He dedicated his life to working hard for us. He made it possible for me to go to Law School without having to leave with a massive mountain of debt. I will forever be grateful that I was chosen to be my Dad’s daughter. I’m pretty sure my older sister would say the same thing.

We’ve been lucky enough to celebrate many a Father’s Day with my Dad but, today is also my hub’s very first, with our little Dumpling.

I remember being heavily pregnant around this time last year, over my due date and hoping that Dumpling would make an appearance on Father’s Day but he had other ideas and decided to wait a further week before joining the party.

Just as I am, Dumpling is blessed to have his Dad. Before he was even born, hubs knew exactly what he wanted to name him. My phone is almost out of storage space, partially due to the many beyond cute photos I have of the two of them. They are like peas in a pod and I can tell even now, before he’s even 1 year old, this little fella will be following his Daddy everywhere he goes.

We cherish and sometimes worship our mothers come Mothers Day, but not near enough recognition is given to those brilliant  fathers, who are amazing role models for and protectors of, their children. Sure, it is a man’s responsibility to look after his children, of course it is. But there’s a difference to just taking on responsibility and being the foundation, a cornerstone in a child’s life. Being the one they look up to and want to make proud. Being the person their children can always rely on, even if they don’t get to see them everyday.

I will never know for myself, but I can imagine that being an amazingly Dad is a very hard job. They don’t get all the recognisiton for bringing the child into the world, mum gets that. They sometimes have to take a back seat when baby does arrive, especially if mum is nursing. They sometimes feel useless in the early days of their child’s life and bonding can take longer for dad than it does for mum. That must be tough.

But yet still, even through all of that, these amazing dads become their child’s superhero.

We should celebrate these wonderful fathers at every opportunity, so that they feel just as appreciated as our fabulous mothers.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Superheroes, kicking ass and being the protectors of their families!

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