Feeling (3Day) Refreshed!

Following in from my last post, about Shaun T’s new workout Shaun Week, I’ve been busy this week prepping for this new programme, which starts 12 June, exclusively on Beachbody On Demand

Part of my prep was the 3 Day Refresh programme, also by Beachbody. This is a sort of ‘mini cleanse’ if you will, centered around Beachbody’s Superfood shake, Shakeology and getting rid of nasty toxins in the body but fuelling it with fresh, clean, plant based foods.

This was my first time doing the 3 Day Refresh but the reason I chose to start this on the Friday before Shaun Week comes out is because the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler put it out there as a challenge for everyone to do it as part of their prep for Shaun Week. So, I guess you could blame him!

The three day programme looks like this:

Morning – wake up: Down 8-10oz water

Breakfast:  Shakeology with a piece of fresh fruit (most fresh fruits are allowed on the 3 Day Refresh but tinned or dried fruit are to be avoided). This was my fave part of the programme as I like the taste of Shakeology and it’s filling. I had the Vegan Chocolate flavour blended with ice, water and banana.


Mid-Morning: Fibre Sweep. I found this to be as grim as it sounds! A digestive health mix of flaxseed, chia, vitamins and some technical other stuff with a lemony flavour, its thick and grainy and if I didn’t chug it I would have gagged. But still, it made me feel full yet light and rejuvenated.

IMG_8312 Fibre Sweep was as grim as it looks!

Lunch: Vanilla Refresh which is a high protein hunger busting shake, a fresh vegetable and permitted fat of choice and a piece of fruit. There is a list of allowed fruits, veg and fats on the programme, which include pretty much all of the bog standard fruit and veg like carrots, cucumber, Kale, broccoli, beets, green beans etc. Fats include avocado, pure unsalted Almond butter and hummus. My veg and fat of choice was carrot and hummus. The Vanilla Refresh isn’t as nice as Shakeology but nowhere near as grim as Fibre Sweep!


Mid Afternoon Snack: Veg of choice and fat of choice or a freshly blended detox smoothie. I went for fresh beets but the booklet has recipes for fresh detox juices – I just prefer to eat my food rather than drink it!


Dinner: Vanilla Refresh and one choice of the permitted meals from the programme. There are several recipes, all vegan, fresh and around 400 cals. I chose the veggie stir fry the first and last day and the cucumber and tomato salad on the second day. Both, together with the Vanilla Refresh, were satisfying but I’m greedy so I could have eaten more!


Evening: Herbal (decaf) tea – I love peppermint tea so that was my go-to.

Throughout the day: lots of water and herbal teas mid morning and after lunch if desired.

Although I miss my Greek Yoghurt, Granola and meat in general, I actually FEEL clean, refreshed and lighter. But, I don’t feel hunger. I’ve done other cleanses and detoxes, such as Forever Living’s Clean 9 and I’ve always felt hungry and tired.

But, I don’t feel like that during the 3 Day Refresh. It does help that thousands of other people are doing it with you, including the CEO 👌🏾

To be honest, I have enjoyed doing this programme, albeit not so much when the hubs decided to eat hot dogs and sweet potato fries on the Saturday night as I was munching cucumber salad but still, I love the way it has left me feeling from the inside.

I would definitely recommend doing the 3 Day Refresh if you want to clean out and rejuvenate your system without the usual suffering that’s comes with a detox programme.

You can get the 3 Day Refresh from Beachbody  for $69.95/£55.00.

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