This Ain’t Shark Week

I don’t know about some of you ladies out there, but I ain’t never been excited for shark week but I’m PROPER excited about SHAUN WEEK!

My favourite trainer, motivator and all round superb human, Shaun T is back with a brand new fitness programme entitled Shaun Week – Insane Focus. Exclusively to Beachbody On Demand starting on 12th June, this programme is 7 days of new cardio and strength workouts inspired by previous programmes Insanity and FocusT25, with a further 30 day hybrid calendar of Shaun T workouts to keep the part going!

My home fitness journey began with Insanity in 2013 (you can have a read here) and my post partum fitness journey began with FocusT25 at 10 weeks post partum. So, both of these programmes are dear to my heart and I cannot wait to commit fully to Shaun Week on Monday!

IMG_8040The Shaun Week workout schedule!! 

Theres no denying that this programme will be more than physically challenging however, it will also test your mental strength, which for me, is the REAL test because I often talk myself out of a move or a rep before I’ve even tried.

So, for this programme, I’m doing something I’ve never done before and that is prepping myself before I begin. All this week, I’ve been doing a mixture of Insanity and Focus T25 workouts to get my body and mind in the right state for June 12th.

Today was Pure Cardio from Insanity (that shit is bananas yo!) to prep for Pure Cardio 2 in Shaun Week and tomorrow I’ll do Speed 3.0 from Focus T25 Gamma round (burpee hell) to prep for Speed 4.0 in Shaun Week.

I’ve committed myself to give 100% effort to Shaun Week because I want to test my limits and capability, which I have yet to do since having my lil dumpling last year and I really want to conquer my mind when it comes to fitness.

I’ll do a follow up review post at the end of Shaun Week giving my thoughts on the programme as well as my results. Wish me luck and send your prayers!

As I memntioned above, these workouts will be exclusive to Beachbody On Demand, NOT on DVD or any other format. So, if you went to join in the fun and avoid a serious case of FOMO, sign up to BOD at BeachbodyUK or at Beachbody

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