What’s Going On?

I was asleep last night when my hubs came back from a surprise party to wake me and inform me about the terrible news of the attacks in London.

All I could do is bury my face in my hands and feel pain in my heart for the innocent people who had their lives stolen from them…and those innocent people who will now suffer more racism and abuse as a result of it.

I just don’t understand the evil within some humans. What has made them believe that killing innocent people…CHILDREN…is the right thing to do?

One thing I do understand is that, the evil of some does not overshadow the kindness of the majority. The response of the emergency services last night is to be applauded. The kindness of people living in and around the City, offering their homes as shelter for those affected and in need is to be cherished.

Those poignant lyrics from that 1971 Marvin Gaye song are still so relevant today. Hate cannot win and we must never let it win. Goodness can and will overcome evil.

I pray that those going to the charity concert in Manchester tonight are kept safe, away from harm and enjoy a peaceful event in memory of what happened there last week and what happened in London last night.

Heartfelt prayers and condolences to those who have lost and those who are injured by these terrible attacks.

Be vigilant, be safe, take care but never be afraid to show kindness, love and live life! We are stronger together!

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