Dumpling’s Day At The Museum

If you live in England then you’ll know that the sun doesn’t often come out, but when it does you get the hell out with it!

We Londoners were thoroughly spoilt with the sun this past weekend and so, hubs and I decided we wanted to make the most of it and take our lil dumpling somewhere different.

Stuck for last minute ideas, we used the Hoop app to find activities suitable for babies/toddlers nearby. Up popped free Hartbeeps Baby Beeps classes being held at The Museum of London Docklands. I’ve wanted to try this class out with dumpling for a few months now but we’ve never managed to find one near us. It’s a musical Sensory class for Babies, similar to baby Sensory but focusing more on music.

Anywho, we decided we wanted to go for the 11am class but, upon arrival, we noticed that there were quite a few families queuing outside the museum. Turns out that there was a whole weekend event there, dedicated solely to Babies and toddlers! Entry was completely free and there were a whole load of activities to choose from.

The 11am Hartbeeps class was already oversubscribed, so we booked on to the 2:30pm class and decided to see what other activities were available in the meantime.

One of the activities was a ‘Jungle Sensory’ room solely for under 2’s. There were different textures, sounds, tents, lighting and materials all for Babies to explore freely. We spent a good 30 minutes in this room although, it only felt like 10! Dumpling loved it, especially the ball pit!

The museum also has plenty of lunch spots nearby, being located at West India Quay right next door to Canary Wharf, as well as an on site restaurant and Cafe to pit stop and feed little (and big) mouths. We opted to venture into the Canary Wharf mall for a quick bite at the Leon cafe, which had a high chair for dumpling and was relatively quiet for lunchtime.

After lunch, we still had a couple of hours to kill before the Hartbeeps class so, after a walk around Canary Wharf, we headed back to the museum and decided to check out the ‘Chill Out Zone’ as dumpling was getting a bit sleepy. This area was dedicated solely to Babies as was also next door to where the class was being held. It was equipped with toys, sensory play mats and plenty of sofas for parents to chill whilst baby plays (or naps, in dumpling’s case!).

This gave hubs and I a chance to chill for a good half hour before the class started, by which time dumpling decided to wake up. The class itself was full of sensory fun…hats, capes, bubbles, drums, puppets, lights…it was brilliant! It was 45 minutes of sensory heaven. Dumpling loved it and it was lovely for hubs to be able to sit with him during a class for a change, since I usually have that honour whilst he works during the week. They also do free taster sessions for your first class so you can ‘try before you buy’, so to speak.

Overall, we had a great family day out and it was all FREE! The only money we had to spend was for our lunch.

All of these activities, literally on our doorstep, in LONDON, for free! In addition to that, we found out that the museum has regular activities during term-time for under 5’s during the week, which I will definitely be checking out with dumpling in the near future!

If you have little ones and are stuck for something to do during the week or even on the odd weekend, I would definitely recommend having a look on The Museum of London Docklands website for a list of their activities. I would also recommend Hartbeeps Baby Beeps classes if you have a baby/Babies under 18 months.

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored by or in association with Hartbeeps Baby Beeps or The Museum of London Docklands; we just had a really great time and thought I’d share 🙂

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