The Netflix of Fitness

‘I don’t have time to go to the gym’ ….’gym is too expensive and I end up paying for it and not going’…’treadmills are boring!’…’ the gym intimidates me’

Over the years, I’ve heard (and even said) some of the above when it comes to fitness. When you speak about personal fitness to people, usually, the first thing that comes to mind is running on a treadmill , sweaty muscle heads in the gym and grilled chicken with broccoli. None of those things appeal to me and yet I workout pretty much everyday.

Before October 2013, I used to go to the gym 5, sometimes 6 days a week. I used to run for 10 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 10 mins on the cross-trainer, 10 minutes on the rowing machine and then a few sets of whatever with some weights. Personal trainers intimidated me so I never used them, so most of the time I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but I was doing something and I was relatively fit. However, despite going so regularly, my body never reflected the work I thought I was putting in.

Then, we booked our wedding for July 2014 and that was my ‘well shit I better get my arse in shape moment’ and that’s when I decided to do Insanity – the hardest ever workout put on DVD. You can read about my fitness journey here. It was at this point that I found Beachbody. Before then, I’d never heard of this company.

Since then, I’ve grown to LOVE this company and some of its plethora of ‘Super Trainers’ – my favourites being Shaun T (#1 in my books!), Chalene Johnson and Autumn Calabrese. I like a bit of Tony Horton too, but in small doses!

Up until about a year ago, Beachbody workouts were only available on DVD by ordering online or over the telephone. That is, until they realised On Demand – an online service and ‘app’ containing every single Beachbody workout ever created and  put out. I’m talking 1,000’s of workouts by all of the Beachbody Super Trainers became accessible via your smartphone, tablet and/or laptop. This is literally, the Netflix of fitness.

This app has been my saviour both during and after my pregnancy. I found workouts I could do whilst pregnant, created especially for pregnant women (Autumn Calabrese’s Active Maternity Series is amazing!) and ones I could do post-partum. I found workouts that I could do when short on time (Chalene Johnson’s HIIT 15 from Turbo Fire is a beast and Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer is brilliant too!) and those I could do when I didn’t want to jump about or just wanted pure resistance training (Shaun T’s FocusT25 Gamma series and Sagi Kalev’s BodyBeast Lucky 7 are my faves).

IMG_7408How On Demand looks on my iPhone and some of my fave workout programmes

There was literally no excuse not to workout. The best thing about Beachbody On Demand for me was and is, that I don’t even have to leave my house nor do I need any fancy equipment. It’s all on my phone. You can play the workouts on your phone or tablet or, you can use a stick (Amazon, ChromeCast etc) or cast them to your TV if you prefer. You can literally take these workouts with you anywhere you go.

‘That must cost £100’s’ you say? I used to spend about £30 a month for my gym membership, until I found a cheap no frills gym near where I live and that still cost me £15 a month. That’s still £180 a year at the very cheapest. And that’s not including the months cancellation fee they charge you when you want to cancel the membership.

Beachbody On Demand costs £99.95 A YEAR. I’m not lying. For under £100 quid, you get access to every single Beachbody workout ever created and  FUTURE programmes too.

For instance; my fave Super Trainer, Shaun T, announced last Friday that he has new programme, ‘Shaun Week’ coming out, which is currently being filmed in LA as I type. Prior to On Demand, I would have had to pay a good £60-£80 for the DVDs when the programme launches. Now, if you have the £99.95 a year all-access membership to On Demand, this programme will automatically be added to your member library at no additional cost.

Insanity costs £100 for the base programme. FocusT25 costs £100. Body Beast costs £60 as does TurboFire and 21 Day Fix. On Demand is £99.95 for ALL OF THE PROGRAMMES for a YEAR! You are literally paying the same price as one programme, for the entire Beachbody Library for an entire year! The value is beyond measure.

So, all of those excuses mentioned at the start of this post are just that…excuses! I don’t know about you, but I’d rather workout in the comfort of my own home with an entire library of programmes to choose from, at my finger tips and with the promise of future new programmes all for one flat fee.

I would definitely recommend Beachbody On Demand if, like me, you want all of the above and don’t want to pay through the roof for it. You can sign up at

Disclaimer: this post is not affiliated with or sponsored by Beachbody; I just really love their programmes and On Demand and thought I’d share 🙂

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