Baby That Lunches Pt3 – Nanny’s Treat

Our lil dumpling is only 10 months old and yet, I feel he has visited more restaurants than I have!

A few weeks ago during the Easter holidays, my mum treated my sister and I, to lunch at Prezzo, Ipswich. Naturally, dumpling was in tow but, as  I usually do, I brought along some lunch for dumpling which I made at home because I wasn’t sure as to whether Prezzo’s Childrens Menu was suitable for babies under 12 months old.

Cut a long story short, I was pleasantly surprised! Upon arrival, we were greeted by a lovely server who kindly arranged a table for us with a high chair for dumpling. She then brought over the main menu for us and a copy of the children’s menu for dumpling, together with a colouring sheet and crayons (dumpling is quite a tall and solid baby so he appears older than what he actually is, which is probably what led her to believe he was old enough for colouring crayons but alas, he would only try to eat them, bless him!)

It’s only since I became a parent, that I realise the value of and appreciate a good children’s menu at a restaurant.

Prezzo has a 3 course Menu especially made for little ones under 5 years old; their Tiny Tots Menu.

IMG_7077Iron Man approved of this menu!

The starter is garlic pizza bread, the mains are a choice of penne pasta or a mini cheese and tomato pizza and the desert is choice of fresh ice cream or a banana.

I decided to let dumpling sample this menu rather than eat my home-cooked lunch as, we do not go out to eat often (once a month at the most) and so I thought it would be a nice change for him to join us in dining out for a change.

We decided to order the garlic bread, penne pasta and ice cream for dumpling. The three courses cost a total of £3.95, which is a bargain considering this food is cooked fresh and the portions are very generous.

We needed up taking some of the main home as dumpling could only manage barely a third of the pasta, the portion was that huge! Aunty Tracey and I tried to help him out but we were already stuffed from our own mains!

The food was delicious and was served just at the right temperature for dumpling to eat. He demolished half of the garlic bread and a good few mouthfuls of the pasta before working his way on to the ice cream. Funnily enough, this was his least favourite part of the meal, I’m guessing because it was too cold for his liking!

All of our food was served promptly and hot with a friendly service. Mum opted for a Chicken, Bacon and Avocado salad, whilst Aunty Tracey chose Carbonara and I enjoyed a yummy Spinach and Mushroom Pappardelle.

The servers were mindful of dumpling and made us feel welcome. I’ve said this in previous posts but it’s worth saying again; it means a lot when you’re welcomed at an establishment with a baby as there are still so many who aren’t as welcoming.

If you’re in search of some yummy buy hearty Italian eats, I would definitely recommend Prezzo as a place to dine out with or without little ones.


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