Stylin’ my ‘Lil’ Cub’

It’s a well known fact that I’m an Instagram addict. But, I don’t just scroll aimlessly, looking at dog photos or cat memes. My main vices are fitness and food. More recently, I’ve been stumbling across baby boutiques.

My current fave is a boutique called ‘Lil’ Cubs’ which is run by a mother of two. Their clothes are made with eco-friendly colour dyes and their babygrows are fastened with zippers instead of those annoying popper things!

Their pieces range from muslin squares to dribble bibs and leggings to t-shirts. Prints include clouds, penguins, rainbows and apples.

IMG_6899 Dumpling stylin in his Lil’ Cubs penguin bib and leggings today

What I really like about Lil’ Cubs is the fact that they only sell a certain amount of each style before they sell out. My lil dumpling received so many compliments from other mums on his penguin leggings and bib, although he is a major flirt so that could have had something to do with it too!

These clothes and accessories are not the cheapest, but you can tell by the quality of the material that you are definitely getting what you pay for. I always wash clothes before putting them on my dumpling and these pieces washed up very well.

I have yet to purchase any of the babygrows with the zippers but I will probably invest in some once dumpling is a little older, so that he doesn’t grow out of them too quickly!

If you want your little one to stunt on these streets in some unique and trendy apparel, I would definitely recommend Lil’ Cubs.


P.S…this post is not affiliated or sponsored by Lil Cubs – I just think their clothes are quality and wanted to share it 🙂

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