Baby That Lunches Pt 2 – Auntie Tracey’s Birthday

My lil dumpling is blessed to have an auntie who loves him just as though he was her own. So, it was only fitting that we should spend Auntie Tracey’s bornday with her here in London last Friday!

After our Baby Sensory class, we went to The O2 which, is very close to where we live, to treat Auntie Tracey to a birthday lunch at Las Iguanas. There were two main reasons we chose to dine here; 1) the churros and 2) I checked out the menu the night before and they had free baby food as one of the options on the children’s menu – that’s right – FREE BABY FOOD. Food prepared especially for babies, for FREE!

We arrived at around 1pm and, as expected on a Frida afternoon, it was quiet. We were greeted at the door by a kind server who politely warned us that they were due to have a large party of 30+ in one area of the restaurant and directed us to a table on the other side so we could have quiet whilst we dined. We were off to a good start!

The same very kind server (whose name, unfortunately, I have forgotten as I would have liked to have mentioned him for his top-notch service), brought over a high chair for dumpling and removed one of the other chairs from the table so he could sit with us properly.

IMG_6764 Dumpling enjoying his high chair 🙂

I was impressed by the high chairs here as, unlike most restaurants, they didn’t have the bog standard chair but it also had a yellow and red toy on each side to help keep baby occupied. It’s a simple yet greatly appreciated detail!

The kind server ran through the lunch menu options as well as the main menu and was very informative and accommodating when I asked about the baby food. There were two options on the baby food menu – dumpling loves pasta and cheese so we went for the cheesy pasta option. I was convinced it would be an Ella’s Kitchen or Heinz pouch or something like that.

Auntie Tracey and I ordered Nachos for our starter. I ordered a Burrito for main and Auntie Tracey ordered Tacos. We also ordered a glass of wine each and as it was lunchtime, it was only £2 a glass! Loving this place more and more!

Just as we ordered, dumpling decided he wanted to make things more fun by doing a massive poo, so I went to change him and when I got back, our starter had arrived.

Nachos and Enchiladas
Tacos with Sweet Potato Fries

Our mains were served shortly after we inhaled the starter, along with dumpling’s main.

The food was delicious and filling. But, it wasn’t our food I was most impressed with; it was my lil dumpling’s! His food was served in a cute little bowl with it’s own platter. Because it came out very hot, they placed the bowl in a small plate of ice to cool it down. It was freshly cooked food  – not out of a packet and after tasting some of it, I could tell it was cooked especially for babies i.e. no salt or additives (The Breakfast Club would do well to take note of this!).

Dumpling polished off the lot! He was actually upset when it was all gone…and there was more than enough for him as it was slightly more than I would usually make for him at home! I cannot tell you how impressed I was with this – so much so, I am already planning my next lunch date with the dumpling, here.

Out came the desert menu next and as it was Auntie Tracey’s happy birthday, we had to have churros! As with our starter and mains, these were delicious and freshly made, served with warm chocolate sauce and a warm toffee sauce for dipping.

We stuffed the churros down us, almost burning my tongue they were so good! Meanwhile, content with his full belly (topped up with a petit filous I brought along with me), dumpling played happily with his toys.

I have taken dumpling out with me to lunch on several occasions and in all honesty, this is the first time I have felt completely comfortable dining out with my baby – Las Iguanas made us feel so welcome and the staff were so friendly. The baby food was not only freshly cooked and yummy, they provide it for free. FREE! It’s as though they are saying people should bring their babies to lunch with them rather than feel intimidated or awkward in doing so.

As a new mum, I thoroughly appreciated this gesture and would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to any parent with an infant or small children! All three of us enjoyed a delicious and relaxing lunch and Auntie Tracey enjoyed a lovely birthday with the dumpling 🙂




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