(Un)Covered in Drool

Any parent with a teething baby will know about ALL the drool. Drool on their hands, drool on their chins, drool on your shoulder…drool everywhere. My little dumpling is teething something chronic at the moment and I think he will soon cut his first tooth/teeth. Poor thing is drooling all over the place. It even gets on the ErgoBaby carrier when we’re out and about.

Thankfully, my sister gave me a Teething Drool Pads & Bib set from BabyPreferred a while ago, which I found this week and made use of for the first time a couple of days ago.

The set consists of two teething pads, which attach to the straps of most baby carriers and a bib which is attached to the front of the carrier for when baby is facing forward.

IMG_6645Lil dumpling made good use of these drool pads yesterday

The idea is that once in the carrier, teething baby can chew and gnaw happily on the pads attached to the straps of the carrier without soaking through the straps themselves. The material of the pads is soft and organic.

Dumpling was so contented munching away on the pads I’m thinking of getting another set to replace these when they’re in the wash…which is practically always these days!

They are also a welcome distraction for dumpling, who was enjoying the pattern on the pads as we were waiting in the queue to get him weighed at the Health Centre.

I would definitely recommend that any parent who ‘wears’ their baby, invests in a set of drool pads and bibs to avoid being covered in drool when you’re out and about!


P.S…this post is not affiliated with or sponsored by BabyPreferred; my little dumpling and I just really like their drool pads and thought I’d share that with you 🙂

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