Baby’s Little Squeeze

If there’s one thing that I never believed I’d do as a new mum, it would be cooking all of my little dumpling’s meals from scratch.

Sure, I’d always said that I would, even before he was born, but when he got to 5 months and I was contemplating our weaning journey, I thought there was no way I’d have the time let alone the inclination to cook fresh meals each day for my baby. I thought I’d be going to Sainsbury’s to load up a trolley full of Ella’s Kitchen pouches!

Alas, I have surprised myself! Almost all of the food I have given to my dumpling since he began his weaning journey at Christmas, has been fresh, home-cooked meals. The exception is the odd bowl of baby porridge he gets now and then.

The downside to cooking the meals myself is that 1) there’s always too much leftover and 2) it’s difficult to store once made.

Queue Nature’s Little Squeeze pouches. These little gems have been my salvation during the weaning process. They are basically heat and water resistant reusable pouches which, can be filled with your freshly made baby food, any food, and stored easily in the fridge or freezer, ready for when you need food for your baby.


They open using a zip-lock at the bottom and are sealed using a plastic cap at the top. Once you need to use it, you simply defrost the pouch or take it out of the fridge, remove the white cap and then gently squeeze the contents into baby’s mouth to feed him/her. The pouches can be warmed using hot water in order to warm the contents inside.

There’s very little wastage, as any unused food can remain in the pouch and the white cap easily replaced on at the end of a feed.

My favourite thing about these pouches, which I’m sure will be a hit for most mums, is the fact that you don’t need a feeding bowl or spoon with them – the food can be squeezed into baby’s mouth directly from the pouch…less washing up, result!

IMG_6600Lil Dumpling enjoying his spaghetti Bolognese earlier today 🙂

If, like me, you have an overly independent little one who likes to hold his own spoon, bowl, food etc…you will love that baby can easily feed themselves directly from the pouch by squeezing the food directly into their own mouth, as my lil dumpling was doing earlier today.

To clean the pouch, you simply need to open the zip-lock end and wash inside with warm soapy water. The cap can be detached and washed separately and then replaced on the pouch once it has dried. They are so easy to clean and re-use.

Another huge pro for these pouches is that they are easily stored in the freezer; great for those extra busy days where you cannot find any time to cook but still want to give baby your home-cooked meals.

They are also great for taking out and about with baby – you only need to take the pouch, rather than all the feeding paraphernalia you usually need when dining out with an infant!

I bought my Nature’s Little Squeeze pouches from Amazon a6 £12.99 for 6. They are made by a company called WeeSprout.

I would definitely recommend investing in these pouches if you have a baby or toddler; they have definitely made our weaning journey much easier, fun and they have encouraged me to keep cooking my dumpling’s meals at home!

P.S…this post and blog is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by WeeSprout…I just really love these pouches and thought I’d share that with you 😉




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