Let’s ErGo, Baby!

When I was pregnant with my lil dumpling and was searching for baby carriers, I didn’t have a clue which one to get. As a first-time mum, I didn’t have a clue about a lot of things, but I could have done with some advice on this topic in particular.

I ended up getting the BabyBjorn classic, simply because I saw quite a few mums with them (Jools Oliver’s Instagram is full of pics with her wearing her baby with one) and thought it must be good if its that popular.

WRONG! I had no idea what ‘ergonomic’ meant in relation to baby-wearing, but once I found out, via a breastfeeding group on facebook no-less, I quickly threw the BabyBjorn aside and went in search of a new carrier.

Luckily, I had only used the BabyBjorn a handful of times and for very short periods, but when I spoke to the hubs about ergonomics and how bad the wrong carrier could be for a little one’s hips, he invested in what I believe to be the king of baby carriers.

Queue the ErgoBaby Original. This baby carrier allows you to ‘wear’ baby in a perfectly ergonomic position. That is, baby’s legs are in an ‘M’ shape along your tummy, with their back slightly curved. This position provides proper support for baby’s hips and spine – no ‘dangly’ legs here! Baby’s head should also be close enough to yours so that you can kiss their forehead without straining your own neck.

img_6470 my lil dumpling sitting comfy in our ErgoBaby Original – legs are in an ‘M’ shape along my tummy and his back is slightly arched…3 mins later he fell asleep! Snug as a bug in a rug 🙂

I totally agree with the saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ – compared to the BabyBjorn at £40, the ErgoBaby is pricey, coming in at £90-£140 depending on which model you go for, but the difference in quality is noticeable immediately.

Not only is baby comfy and snug against you, as though you were simply cuddling, but the ErgoBaby’s design is such that you don’t get that awful back strain and pain whilst walking around with your baby, in my case, all 9kg of him!

Unlike the BabyBjorn and other carries which are not ergonomically designed, the ErgoBaby eliminates dangly legs, arms and poor neck support for baby.

img_6449 happy baby, happy mummy!

The ErgoBaby is so simple to put on and take off too. Much like a back-to-front rucksack, it has the thick waist belt which is secured first, around the waist, obvs! Once the waist is secure, you lift your baby and position him/her in the ergonomic position against your tummy and chest, making sure baby’s head is the correct distance from yours. Next, you lift one shoulder strap and put your arm through it then the other, using your free hand to support baby. Then you fasten the back strap which secures both shoulder straps together, then simply tighten all of the straps until you are comfortable and satisfied that baby is comfy and secure too. It takes about 2-3 minutes to put this carrier on after a couple of goes. This is contrary to the BabyBjorn, which I was forever untangling and faffing about with the cross-traps and slots before I could even attempt to pick my baby up to put him in.

As all of the straps are adjustable, pretty much anyone can use this carrier. Simply loosen all of the straps once you’ve taken it off and its ready to be put back on by anyone (its easier to put on too if you do this!) with minimal faff.

Needless to say, I often opt for using the ErgoBaby over our buggy, when out and about with my dumpling because its so easy to use and comfortable to wear. I just wish that there was a lot more information regarding ergonomics given to new mums who were, like me, ignorant of this and unaware of the potential damage being caused to their babies joints when wearing them in ill-fitting carriers.

We bought our ErgoBaby Original from Amazon for £89.95 but you can also buy directly from ErgoBaby’s website. They also do a brilliant YouTube series of videos on how to put on and take off the ergo baby safely and with ease.

I would definitely recommend this carrier to anyone who wants to ‘wear’ their baby with comfort, ease and safe in the knowledge that your baby is as comfy and supported as they need to and can be!

P.S…this post is not sponsored by ErgoBaby in any sense…I just really like it and want to share the love 🙂

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