Full of FlavorGod

About 4 years ago, I started my first round of Insanity. It was also around this time that, I started ‘meal prepping’ on Sundays. By ‘meal prepping’, I mean cooking, baking and preparing my breakfast and lunches for the week ahead. If I was going to beast myself doing Insanity, I had to fuel my body correctly, of course.

As with most things these days, I took to Instagram for meal prep ‘inspo’ and ideas. During one marathon scrolling session, I came across FlavorGod seasonings. I noticed that a lot of the gym-heads on Insta were using these in their meal prep. So, I clicked on the FlavorGod Insta page, took the plunge and ordered my first Classic Combo set and haven’t touched another brand of seasoning since!

I don’t like salty food and I rarely add salt to my cooking, unless it is absolutely required. So, the main thing which attracted me to FlavorGod’s seasonings was the fact that they are low-sodium and freshly ground. But, once you actually start to use them in cooking, they change the dynamic of your dish completely. Since I placed my order all those years ago, FlavorGod has expanded greatly, adding a plethora of new flavours to his arsenal.

img_6369The ‘Classic Combo’ set with Ranch and Honey BBQ flavour seasonings

The classic combo set consists of Everything Seasoning – a kind of ‘season-all’ flavour, Everything Spicy Seasoning, Lemon & Garlic Seasoning and Garlic Lover’s Seasoning, which was my favourite. Speciality flavours include Pizza, Taco Tuesday, Cajun Lovers, Honey BBQ and Tomato Ketchup.

I say ‘used to be’, because along came Ranch Seasoning and that changed the game. I first tried using the Ranch seasoning in my favourite salad and it fast became my favourite. This flavour will make your grilled chicken go from bland to BAM with just a few shakes.

As well as being low-sodium, these foodie gems are also non-GMO, Gluten free, Paleo approved and MSG free. Most importantly, they are FULL of flavour. Even my hubs, who is usually a salt-fiend, loves the taste of my food when seasoned with FlavorGod seasonings.

The best thing about these seasonings is that you can either use just your favourite flavour or mix and match varying combinations to make your own seasoning; they are so versatile and go with just about any and everything.

I order directly from FlavorGod – they ship worldwide but you may be subject to a customs charge depending on the value of your order. For me, its worth it as these seasonings are that good!

I would definitely recommend these seasonings if you want to sex-up your cooking and make your food a little healthier too.

P.S…this post is not sponsored by FlavorGod; I’m just sharing how much I love them because I’m caring like that! 🙂





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