Bumbo….bum, no!

So, we’ve been on our weaning journey with our little dumpling for the past two months or so. He’s now a week off 8 months and we’re currently using the ‘Bumbo’ as his highchair.

We first used the Bumbo on the floor to get dumpling used to sitting in it, whilst he was still learning to sit up. When he could sit up strong, unadaided at 5.5 months, we started sitting him at the kitchen table using the Bumbo as a booster seat.

img_6322img_6323 front and side view of the Bumbo as a booster seat

As you can see from the above photos, the Bumbo has two straps at the back which fasten to the chair, very securely. In fact, the straps only just fit our chair, which makes for a very tight and sturdy fit. You literally cannot move that Bumbo even half a milimetre.

The front of the seat has straps at both sides, which connect and fasten to the buckle strap in the middle.

Dumpling loves his Bumbo. He gets to sit at the table with us, at the same level, to have his breakie, lunch and dinner. There’s also a little table, which is stored away at the back of the seat and connects to the front so dumpling can eat his dinner off of it or play with his Mr Bumbo elephant rattle toy (as I call it), which attaches to the table using built-in suction at the bottom. As a mum, I find this seat very useful as its portable, compact and easy to clean.

But, here’s the thing; every time I put dumpling in his Bumbo, having positioned the straps and buckle ready to be fastened once he’s in, the buckle strap slips down onto the seat, underneath dumpling’s bottom once he’s in. This means that, I have to use one hand to dig under my dumpling’s legs and bottom (which must be rather irritating for him) to re-locate the buckle strap so that I can fasten the side straps.

img_6324 <—–annoying!

Whilst I’m doing this, dumpling is wriggling about, hungry and excited for his meal and still un-secured in the seat! It’s annoying! The side straps stay put; its just the middle buckle strap which constantly falls underneath the baby bum and then mummy has to risk baby wriggling out of the chair whilst she uses one hand to fish it back out!

img_6325img_6329 after fishing out the middle buckle strap and after dumpling is strapped in…wonky from all the fishing and proding!

Apart from this, the Bumbo is a relatively  good product. It’s something we’ve used for almost 3 months and at £90 odd, we’ve definitely got our money’s worth from it. I just wish the made it so that the middle strap didn’t fall down all the time.

We bought our 3-in-1 multi seat Bumbo from Amazon for £89.99. If you’re particularly stuck on space or simply want a multi-functional and portable seat for your dumpling, I would definitely recommend this seat. Just be prepared to hold tightly to your dumpling with one hand and fish and prod for the middle buckle strap with the other, when you put your dumpling in it!



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