(Un)Sweet Potato Toast

Every now and then, a new ‘hack’ takes over social media, Instagram in particular, as that’s the format where people can show off their ‘eats’ and ‘food porn’.

The most recent one I’ve come across is Sweet Potato ‘Toast’ – a new way of eating one of my favourite carbohydrates for breakfast.

The idea is that, you slice the potato into 1/2 inch ‘slabs’ and toast it in a toaster, twice in order to create the ‘toast’. Then, you top the ‘toast’ with your favourite breaky toppings such as avocado, scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms etc.

I decided to give this hack a go this morning and my chosen toppings were avo, bacon and eggs or BAE as I call it. As I had little faith that my toaster could toast potato to edible quality, I decided to toast mine three times.

Took it out the toaster, carefully placed my toppings on and grabbed my knife and fork to tuck in. It looked divine…it tasted…terrible! Raw, hard and cold…horrid! The toppings were yummy but, this so-called toast was not toast at all. It was a slice of raw potato with avocado and BAE on top.

Disappointed is an understatement. I felt cheated. This ‘hack’ was not a hack at all…it was a lie! You cannot cook potato with a toaster. These insta peeps must either be grilling theirs to make them edible or they’re not eating it all and just presenting lies and falsehoods to us unsuspecting foodies.

Needless to say, I would not recommend trying to re-create toast with potato and a toaster. If you want toast with avo and BAE on top, get yourself some gluten free sourdough bread or an English muffin and crack on with that instead!


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