Salad Bae


This week’s midweek post is a day late because, well…life! When I eventually managed to catch up with life last night, my computer decided to install updates it should have installed at the weekend.. I couldn’t be arsed to wait the hour for them to install so I closed it and went to bed.

Anywho, if you’re on Instagram and, like me, scroll aimlessly through your feed at ungodly hours for no reason, you’d have seen the ‘chef’ known as ‘Salt Bae’or at least millions of memes about him.

This post isn’t about some dude in a white t shirt adding salt to meat in a peculiar manner. Instead, I’m sharing my absolute favourite salad…ever!

I know a lot of people view eating Kale as some sort of punishment but, its the main ingredient in this ‘superfood’ packed bowl of yumminess and if my hubby can be converted to love Kale as a result of this, then it will turn anyone!

There’s no hard and fastened rule as to what goes in this salad apart from it MUST contain the following:

Kale – Spinach – Grilled Chicken – Bacon- Avocado – Maple Peacans – Homemade Honey-Mustard dressing

Anything else you wish to add is up to you. My favourite combo is all of the above plus Spring Onions and a cheeky grating of Parmesan to finish it off.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with adding fruit to my salads. This week was blueberries and it was delicious!

fullsizerenderThe sweet pop of the blueberries mixed in with the salty savoury-ness of the bacon and chicken is divine! I didn’t have any parmesan this week as I’d ran out but I didn’t miss it as I added in Feta cheese instead, which was lovely.

As well as being full of highly nutrient dense ingredients and yummy, this salad will stuff you out and keep you full for a good few hours without feeling bloated. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Side note: I used to think ‘bae’ meant ‘bacon and eggs’ 😀

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