My Super Bowl

It Super Bowl Sunday! I only know this because I saw it on Twitter! As a Londoner and Brit, the Super Bowl means nothing to me. But, in honour of this very popular, iconic American sporting event, I’m going to share my favourite ‘Super Bowl’ 🙂

I love a smoothie and I love smoothie bowls. They are refreshing, filling and healthy…win, win, win! I was hooked on Acai bowls until I met it’s upgraded sister – Pitaya, or Dragon Fruit as most of us know it.

This hot pink exotic taste sensation is my new favourite smoothie bowl ingredient. A typical bowl consists of:

1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

1 Frozen Banana

1 tbsp Pitaya Powder

1/3 cup of Ice

Toppings of choice – strawberries, blueberries, granola, pineapple etc are all great toppings!

I live in the UK, so Dragon Fruit is not readily available. Instead, I use a freeze-dried powder from Hybrid Herbs.

img_6256 Hybrid Herbs freeze-dried Pitaya Powder

Put all the ingredients into a blender/Nutri-Bullet/whatever you have and blitz them all together until a smooth smoothie is formed. Pour into a bowl and put on your toppings then enjoy the brain-freeze!

Its cold in London at the moment but I still enjoy the odd smoothie bowl when I’m hungry and craving something sweet but also don’t want to derail myself from eating healthy. The addition of the Pitaya powder gives the smoothie bowl a lovely taste and an amazing hot-pink colour – perfect for those ‘instafood’ pics! Also, perfect for fuelling the body with goodness, obviously.

Do you smoothie bowl and if so, what’s your favourite flavour and topping?






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