The Buggy Muff – Because Mums Need Warm Hands Too!

Yes, yes…there are ear muffs and there are buggy muffs!

I was out the other week with my little dumpling, walking to our weekly Baby Sensory class and the temperature was about -4 with a cold wind. It was raining and I had gloves on. By the time I got to the class, my gloves were soaked and my hands were freezing due to the wet gloves.

When you’re pushing a buggy/stroller, it’s very difficult to hold an umbrella to cover yourself. Whilst one can wear waterproof coats and jackets, gloves are another animal altogether. Sure, they may be waterproof and warm, but they can be easily lost (why do we always lose just one and not both?!) and dropped on the ground…no one wants to wear a wet soggy glove which has fallen on the ground!

Queue; the Buggy Muff which, has been my saviour in these cold winter months! It literally is a piece of fleece material with waterproof material on the outside, which fastens to the handle of the stroller (we say buggy in the UK) and keeps mummy’s hands all warm and snug without the need for gloves.


IntiPal Buggy Muff

The muff has several snaps which can be fastened to suit your handle and the slot for your hands. Once inside the muff, my hands feel so snuggly and warm due to the soft fleecy material and should I need to use my hands to pick something up or give dumpling back the toy he’s flung above his head, I can do so without having to faff around with taking off and putting back on a glove.

My only annoyance about this clever item is that I didn’t buy one sooner! The brand I have and which is shown in the photos is by IntiPal and can be purchased on Amazon for £12.99 – not much more than a pair of gloves!

As someone who appreciates having warm snuggly hands whilst out walking with my little one, I cannot recommend this muff highly enough (that rhymes! :-D). It is a must for all mums who, like me, cannot stand messing around with gloves on a cold, wet and windy day!

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored or paid for by IntiPal or Amazon…I just really like this muff! 🙂



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