Dear Beyoncé,

My thoughts exactly! Humility costs nothing and those who have it in abundance are the richest 🙏🏾


There’s something really beautiful about humility.

I’ve been kind of on a pop culture “fast” recently. Not by choice…

Ever since my mom had her stroke over Christmas, we literally haven’t turned on the TV. Which is crazy, considering how glued I was to the news during the election.

But for whatever reason, tonight my parents and I decided to watch the Grammy’s.

And that may or may not have been because I thought the Biebs was performing 🙂

But I digress.

Going into the night, I had obviously heard about Beyoncé‘s attention-grabbing nude pregnancy photo shoot, but to be honest, I have so many (more important) things to occupy my time right now.

But her Grammy’s performance…..daaaaaang.

I honestly had to take a moment to collect myself afterwards.

And not because I was so moved by her “brilliance.”

I needed to just get…

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Salad Bae

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