A baby who Brunches

So today, my sister and I decided we wanted some serious brunch, since we haven’t had a meal out together for months.

I suggested The Breakfast Club Canary Wharf as I hadn’t been there since I was 9 months pregnant with my little dumpling last June.

If you don’t know Canary Wharf very well, it may be a bit tricky to find this new eaterie at first – its located on the row of restaurants at Crossrail Place at Canary Wharf, just outside the Mall. Simply go to Waitrose, turn left and continue walking past the entrance to Citi Bank and you will arrive at Crossrail Place. Turn left again and walk up until you see The Breakfast Club sign.


We booked at table for 12pm and off we went, with my little one in tow. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by a member of staff in the downstairs area. As we had a buggy with us, the kind staff member showed us to the stanna lift and up we went to the main restaurant.

I already knew what I wanted; the signature Pancakes and Berries, but this was my sister’s first visit so we decided to order a selection of dishes to share.


Now, I’m not in the market for openly putting down or being negative towards any establishment or business I have dealings with, so I will refrain from speaking about the service we received from some of the staff since it was, on the whole, satisfactory (save for the fact they ignored my request for a high chair but then I didn’t care to remind the waitress as I just thought she was busy).

What I will say however, is that if you come here, you must come solely because the food is delish! We ordered Nachos, Chilli Cheese Fries, Mac n Cheese, Pancakes and Berries and a side of Avocado for my little dumpling.

As you can see from the photos, we went IN! All of the dishes were divine and plentiful. The only complaint we had, was that the avocado had salt on it when I asked for it to be plain (babies do not need salt in their food!), otherwise, we were happily stuffed when we left and my sister even had to take a doggy bag of nachos since we barely touched them!

One thing I would recommend is that, if you are ordering several dishes to share, you only really need to order one serving of the pancakes – they are HUGE! I struggled to finish my portion and my sister failed because she is not a greedy glutton like I am! The generous helping of berries, coupled with the vanilla cream, topping 3 very thick buttermilk pancakes, makes this dish super filling. Not that I’m complaining, as I love to eat!

Another tip is to make sure you avoid the lunchtime hours (1-3) as all the Canary Wharf ‘suits’ flock in for their lunch around that time and the place gets ridiculously busy – no place for a chilled brunch with a baby or quiet, relaxed conversation.

This was my third visit to this restaurant and in all honesty, the service I received today fell short on the last two visits, but the food is what keeps me coming back and I will definitely go again.

If you’re in need of some carb gains and love American-style brunch food outside of lunchtime rush hours, this is the place to visit. Just make sure that, if you are taking a little one, you book a table with a request for a high chair and extra space for your buggy!


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