Time to Embrace

This week’s hump-day blog post is a day late, but there’s a good reason for that!

Last night, I had the honour and pleasure of attending the premier screening of the new docu-film ‘Embrace’, hosted by my beautiful sister, BigHealthyTracey at Odeon Greenwich in London. The film is about learning to accept and love your body and yourself and one woman’s journey to doing just that.

My sister, currently Ms Suffolk Curve 2017, has been busy promoting and championing her cause to empower more women to have confidence in themselves and acknowledge that, we are all beautiful as we are.

I won’t spoil the film for those of you who have yet to watch it, but what I will say is that, it did get me thinking.

One of the statistics which, stuck out at me the most was that over 80% of women surveyed worldwide, are not happy with their bodies. Numerous women, when asked how they viewed their bodies, replies with adjectives such as ‘ugly’, ‘fat’, ‘horrible’ and to my surprise and alarm ‘ disgusting’.

This shocked me, as I had no idea that so many women hold this distorted view of themselves. But, when you think of all the airbrushed, photo-shopped images on the front of glossy magazines, whose target audience is women, its not surprising that so many of us feel we are not good enough and fall short of what is in essence, unattainable and unrealistic.

I have always avoided those glossy mags and publications depicting what they think a woman should look like, as I find them superficial and unhelpful, but a lot of women, unfortunately, believe that what is shown on the front of these magazines are exactly what they should look like, despite the fact that the women on them don’t even look like that themselves! No wonder so many of us are constantly feeling as though we fall short and are ‘disgusting’.

img_60931My beautiful sister, ‘BigHealthyTracey’, hosting the premier screening of Embrace at Odeon Greenwich!

In stark contrast, I observed my sister and her fellow Body Image Ambassadors and British Beauty Curve pageant contestants who attending the screening last night. All of these women; curvy, beautiful, funny, intelligent, articulate and passionate, were confident and comfortable in their skin. These women have cracked the code – they don’t care for or buy in to what the media says they should be or look like. They have embraced themselves for who they are and I could see their inner flow and positivity oozing out in abundance.

I hope that more women follow the example of my sister and begin to spread a positive message about themselves then, hopefully, we will start to see that we get a positive response back. You get back what you put out, after all. Not just women; men would also do well to follow this example, as body confidence is something both genders should embrace.

You can follow my sister on her journey on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – BigHealthyTracey and of course her blog!


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