‘Say Hello!’ to Baby Sensory

When I found out I was expecting our first child, I swore blind that I’d never be that mum who went to every mummy and baby group going. The thought of sitting in Costa of a morning, talking about baby poo, engorged breasts and how many times little Freddie smiled at his dad was giving me heart palpitations – massive stereotypes, I know, but I have seen and heard it with my very own eyes!

I insisted that I would only take my little one swimming and, at a push, baby Soft Play.

That is, until one of my good friends who had recently become a first-time mum, told me that if there is one class that I MUST take my dumpling to, it should be Baby Sensory.

So, I waited until little one had been given all of his vaccinations (you don’t have to wait but, this was just a personal choice of mine as I felt more comfortable taking him out and about once he had them) and searched for a class in our area.

Queue the lovely Kyla, who runs Baby Sensory Charlton and the classes at Under1Roof in Woolwich, where I take our dumpling every Friday. We went to our first class in October and have been hooked on the wonderful, magical world of Baby Sensory!

alex-baby-sensory Little Dumpling enjoying the fibre optics 🙂

Babies from 0-13 are treated to a huge variety of sensory activity from puppet shows and bubbles to fibre optics and baby Olympics. Classes are divided between 0-6 months and 6-13 months. Each class begins with the iconic and widely known Baby Sensory theme song ‘Say Hello!’ which incorporates both music and Sign Language for mums and babies to learn (the video for this song is on YouTube – take a look…guarantee you will be signing it all day!).

This 45 minute sensory heaven is now my favourite time of the week! We were even lucky enough to nab a spot in the Baby’s 1st Christmas session which was on a Sunday. This was extra special as the dads were able to attend with mums and babies, which made it a family event; hubs enjoyed it so much he went straight on Amazon and ordered our dumpling a set of jingle bells and a Bubble Gun so we could recreate some of the magic at home.

Watching my little one’s eyes light up in amazement during each class is a delight and a further plus point is that, these classes give mums plenty of ideas for playtime at home. Who knew, that a foil heat blanket and a piece of organza would give a 5 month old endless entertainment?!

AND…the mums go for a coffee in the café after class whilst babies either have a feed or a nap (usually the latter after all the excitement) which is so refreshing and enjoyable.

So, after all my cynicism towards baby groups and mummy meet-ups, I am glad and thankful for my friend’s advice; I would most definitely give the same advice to any mum with or expecting a baby aged 0-13 months – this class is a must!

Check out the Baby Sensory website to find a class near you.

P.S. I’m not paid or sponsored by Baby Sensory – we just genuinely love it and want to spread the word 🙂





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