New Year…Same (but Better) Me!

I’ve never been big on making New Year resolutions. In fact, I can only remember making one years ago and I can’t even recall what it was. What I do know is that, I never stuck at it and that made me feel terrible.

I don’t believe that waiting for one specific day in the year to start reaching for what is often, unattainable throughout the remaining 364 days, is constructive or productive. Almost all new year resolutions result in failure which, then leaves us feeling like failures. That’s no way to begin a new year as far as I’m concerned.

Rather, I prefer to set myself goals throughout the year which, are focused upon improving who I am. More often than not, they are fitness related. Currently, my fitness goal is to shed my mummy weight (mummy weight; because I had my baby over 6 months ago!), which I started working on back in August last year. Another goal was to start this blog and post at least twice a week.

I didn’t wait until 1st January to set and start working towards these goals; my first blog post was on 30th December!

Too many of us set ourselves unrealistic targets on 1st January each year and then become frustrated by March, when we do not achieve them. What happens to the rest of the year? Instead of waiting for the new year, why not aim to be a ‘better you’ on a daily basis, whether it be health, lifestyle, work or fitness and then set a goal to reflect upon the year in December to celebrate what has been achieved? That way, we will feel triumphant at the end of the year, going into the next with a positive outlook and a solid foundation on which to become even better.

Wanting to improve ourselves in whatever aspect of life can and should begin on any day of the year, not just 1st January. Except a new fitness programme – no one starts a new fitness programme on a Wednesday…that HAS to be on a Monday! All other stuff however, can start whenever you want 🙂

Here’s to a great year and a better you!


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